The Collected Poetry of Max Toast

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This could be cathartic spark jargon
for far gone homily halliburton bomb mongers
and homicide bombers that don't mind
dying just to fly away from parading
chaos back home
zoning laws prohibit community
soon to be doomed without lies or apologies
where would America be 
if it weren't for greedy freedom
that needed a beating to be seen?
Scene scape dream bait and tackle
hackable with C for a small fee
i.e. the whole computer, adderall
and a quarter of weed as beads of honey
run down one night stand offs coffee mugs
we hug trees believed to be better company
than crack fiends or computer screens
KILL YOUR TV and join the reality
balance beam but physical laws prohibit
this fantasy can't we all just bust a move
to prove the groove is still alive..
and we have nothing to hide
no guided missile arsenal
stolen from some fumbled
yuppies pocket he won't regret
placing fixed bets on life and
lets god sort the microchips for 
corporations suited stations
curtailing motivation to end
the gentrification just
Spend less blend rest with 
manifesting dreams with
each refreshing breath
and YES living blessed is 
better than death but
law prohibits independence
law prohibits independence
freedom is not food owned
by corporations and doesn't 
grow on trees it takes a
community to mutiny
a wave to sink a ship
and a strong grip to 
hold on while its going down
while we drown the cash won't
keep us afloat.
Afternoons are becoming
more productive mornings
boring candle lit dinners
seem more like paradise
mice coincide with fruit flies
in a symphony of mince pies
and dried wine from weeks ago
as debris begins to float
and fly in floodwater the solder comes undone
and closed circuits open up to the public which
informs the rest of us
that in a few weeks we'll be... 

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+3 part 2

Not exactly a dime a dozen 
unless you count the currency conversion from
Rock and stick steady sickly trickles down
to the lowest common denominator
fading into river banks of flooded
income where the thick is rich with debris
Please keep this between you and me
I can't read, so speak it with certainty
in your language until I learn my own
find yourself attracted to another
brick in the wall we can't crawl over
so we'll have to break through
into demolishing brings other
processes of elimination to mind
so you find yourself breaking
bricks with your head
eventually fall over dead
regret is the last thought
after you reckon thats the
last time I see that fucking wall!

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+3 part 3

Yes I listened
love is the condition
if it is unconditional
it cannot be bought
sold, frozen or kept cold
golden years are goals when
you're this old our souls seem pulled out
of classic fantasy and you leave it up to me
to explain why history has taken any chance of
me offering four white stallions and a gold ring
and a wed-locked by the king
but that's just the thing
I thought love was the condition
and Marriage was a superstition
made up by Christians because
they love conditions under which
you can be blamed for not abiding by
conditions to be excited by which
you might consider dry and unrelated to
the sky which is why we have this
wide array of terrain to take on
not take over and over until its gone
we'll get older and older and when
dawn strikes the rearview mirror
we'll keep going out of fear another
sunrise like this might not appear if we
actually STOP to witness a miracle
Yeah unconditional
but love is a condition
and I never found the medicine
but love's the only cure pure
or synthesized with tied strings
attached satisfaction backfires
admired by few rewired for truth
Still fail to see the attraction
attached satisfaction backfires
I'm just waiting to see the main attraction
in this +3 ring freakshow....

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08 08 08

It's too late!
No one wants to watch
a bleeding planet die
the thoughts we find
are bound to mind
and sometimes
human nature never changes
grinding gears and financiers
we look to peers for inspiration
08 08 08
we lack the patience
can we just adjust
and re unite nations?
Pangaea or bust
a rhyme for the sake of
you were a phenomenon
in an anonymous
post ironic genuine
sort of why do you have to
confuse us way before
any of this primordial backwash
trash talk towering debt
letter of resignation
some fine day in September
killed the peace monger
no longer war loving
teach in churches
pray for schools
vote in stores
with little green ballots
buy city hall
so you can sit and watch TV
city mantlepiece TV
city window city
door city room city
vroom vroom city speed by
08 08 08
One more smoke break
I don't do competition
fishnet bourgeois woodstock
groovy is here now
now hear this
this is the signal
transmission from my
dying civilization
I mean culture
I mean hairstyle
I wanted to be different
I wanted to be the same different
 I wanted to be
thee same different you were
when they were all the same
like me!
I'm over thinking
I'm over you
I'm over me
which is why I quit
and slammed the door on you
but 08 08 08
I need a reference
shit if they hire me
but 08 I don't want a job
08 I need money
08 money is power
08 power corrupts
08 08 08 lets just procrastinate
08ing on the world to change
is frustrating and strange
so I cashed my last paycheck
and bought a plane ticket to 
nowhere in particular
to get away but no matter
where you go there's some
worn out catch phrase
preventing you from
finding anything new
08 don't go
I need you to stay
so I'll paint the rest of 
my day the same shade
and 2008 can be
seen behind the masking tape

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500 Lonely Lovers

Climbing the ladder is the only
road I was supposed to know.
Going slow and steady.
Rowing the boat.
Up to no where and gone past.
Or on and beyond.
In a martini glass.
I'm just a drunk James bond.
Shaken and stirred.
But every mission I go on
The lines get blurred
I've got a couple lonely lovers
Who have a dozen lonely others
And the rest of them are wondering
What happened to each
As soon as there's three
Theres one out of reach
And as soon as there's 4
There's a couple to meet.
If any could stay in one place 
That would be sweet
If you ignore your needs
You'll never feel complete
We think our heart's broken
Hoping it really is
You're not the only one who thinks
No one wants to be with
I've got a dozen lonely lovers
Who have a dozen lonely others
We're happiest together
When we embrace the weather
We move like clouds,
Bees, and diseases
If you have a broken heart
Can I have a couple pieces
To have and to hold
Keep and grow old with
You can have some of mine
But raw meat tends to mold quick
So I keep it in my ice chest
It preserves better frozen
But remember if you thaw it out
You only get a moment
Sensitive tissue and
Irreparable damage get along
Better than the intended
Demographic of this song..
If you're alive you get older
Now we know what's wrong
Nobody's going anywhere
We have to get along.
I want to focus on forever
I want to shackle my actions
Rewrite my life in fiction
Until i forget it's distraction
And ignorance ain't bliss
It's an isolated mind
Looking for something
That's impossible to find
I'm just an isolated soul
So I let my mind loose
But it gets out of hand
And some times it meets truth
So far so cute
I should have brought a parachute
Falling in love hurts most
When you have something to prove
But this time I'm in a hammock
And there's only room for one
Tonight I fall in love with moon
And wake up with the sun

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A Recipe:

1. Add self
-ground, diced, minced
One dozen pies
On a platter of spaghetti
splatter blend
Sit for one hour - I owe you one
Peel off the fake currency
between folded flaps of cloth
On your right butt cheek
And buy your ass off
Spend less at half the price
currency conversion
from rock and stick to shell
Shell out! Highest bidder..
Somewhere in Africa
Niger Delta  untapped out
resources out sourced forge, 
crucible, and a lapidary wheel 
that goes round and round and round
at 65,000 miles per hour
Herding celestial cats
Jay walking minimal criminal
intentionally my old shoes
Barely have any sole left
So I put a treble clef
On any appropriate BPM
That still remembers my name
So...  we're down with that sort of thing
Until we run out of snacks
This is my middle ground
quarter life crisis and inner teenager
holding the rivets between self and society
Cook at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
Come out... well done....
Great job...  You've got tenure... 
but no lab and a trace of shrapnel
embedded in your glitter chakra.
jitters like a nomad
On less sleep than a tweaker.
For the fifth and final time
I'm not really that type of guy
that I am but the other guy 
doesn't know that yet
with what wits left witless
Pterodactyl polo Skynet
can I get a witness
Spit this up and chew it out
glass half hole
full of yourself or hollowed out
to be determined
Idol worship
Th- th- think - s- s- sync
hair product swimming pool
Non-sequitur nicotine milk
undercurrent phenomenon
someone applies mascara
on bunny rabbits and nuclear submarines
layered out of order in the
old world piracy policy
talk me down low low  D
and a bass clef looks
kind of like an ear
Cure in a box
underground aged for years
call it a time capsule
but suck it out through a straw
• eat.
More often if experts agree
• be worried
safety first lasts longer than a second
world dominated by the digital my heartbeat
amplified from within my chest
speaks to be outspoken
styles unbroken entertain us ouroboros
memorize the lines and sing-along the chorus
in unison son shine the moon
mind the melody properly punctuate the tune
it's a god eat god eat god universe
rehearse the eulogy
as a million Jesus Christ look alikes mutiny
we are soon-to-be doomed
without lies or apologies
Genetic ties that fly off the panhandle
For another day
Procrastinate wait
wait.. wait... commercial
feature presentation
Apocalyptic Big Bang
I'm out of the rain
Until we raise the roof and
welcome condensation
In this cave
This here is my explanation
Of how I found patience
In a cash register rap
Ch ching ching
Give me a receipt
So I can write a recipe
For societal rehabilitation
With little more
Than a 
Tablespoon of decency a 
solid ton of greed
One and a half cups of ignorance
Let the lower class bleed a bit
and then mix or blend
Serve at a healthy
temperature for 300 years
Add 50 seconds
If the constellations
No longer align
Because congratulations
You have found yourself
In the future

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A Spicy Pineapple

I clung to her fur for my life
to have some semblance of purpose
outside of the obvious she made me 
forget for a while now 
feeling gotten rid of
between gratitude and endless longing 
to shake off constant reminders 
of what I never had
I lost her before we met
before she was invisible
I was invincible and 
the sun sang a different song
I've sent countless letters
but the only one tangible
was the letter I followed
by endless ellipses which turned
  into the sky.
 Before she smiled at the 
star cluster she thought 
we had in common
but this is no constellation
with ancient history 
chiseled in eroding walls
more like a black hole scribbled
in sharpie on a dive bar bathroom stall
followed by "for a good time call"
fuck hanging with hang ups
but I heard God in a cough and
home in a moan and 
sex in a symphony of dial tones
you're not alone and no one is
but don't single your self out
caring about anyone else is selfish
when concerned with self doubt
while they all watch you die... 

If you need validation (my friend)
you just missed it
from the observation deck of
your own personal train called life
you watch it all pass
you miss most of it
and appreciate the moments 
you pay attention.
I didn't say like.
If you're having trouble picturing it
try compensating for motion
the picture is BIG
in an infinite panoramic
and I panic that i'm missing it
I think I'm missing something
until I think of her
and what I narrowed down
to my fondest memory
of that vacation: DILLIGAF
Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?
No... Not anymore...
Cause this train Doesn't stop 
and she jumped out the door... Peace.

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Abstract Sequentialism

Hairless mammals and featherless birds
make it hard for scaleless reptiles
reputations lashing tongues ladder rungs
and hung juries nearly dead punks sung songs
of lively love and peace doves
letter to the murder of crows calling it
genocide side saddle cattle prod cod call
pall bearers paired up in an empty limousine
cleaned for the processions first hearse
had a bad fan belt felt like
funerals pull people together
limb for limb - via vaia vora vim
Heliotrope liberation front and back to
plants can't protect themselves from sunshine
on you crazy dynamo loco droogie
tar pit fall apart fit together weather
you like it or not we all rot in a crate or
cremate we hate to admit the painful
relationship between check and checkmate
patience, I'm faking it - cadence, i'm making it up
as if adding empty cups will make some water
not to bother multiplying zero zero zero zero
this is repetition rome and burning it like nero
my family tree's afraid to shake the leaves
so the first snow of winter's been waiting on me
to say 'FREEZE' - ' Brrrrrr' - 'Stick em up!'
Stick em up in the smog
waterlogged economy feed the enemy
my swollen belly - bowl of jelly jam telegram
felt tip pen pelvic grin melting skin
within within something something
liquid liquid burning turning autumn leaves
scatter patterns on the breeze smoke
signals warning of future diseases
increases in pieces the seasons re
store bought forethought hindsight
aurora your twilight so high
you can see it from space
flying in place
this is my 8th
application to old school
but baby I'm in the middle
you're hella high
and this elementary my dear
what's on your mind?

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Ananda Dada

Not a dada pseudonym
Spin me sideways
Why blaze trails when we can
Find them hidden in
Knee deep puddles when
The wind needs sails
We have more then enough room
To move if we could
Begin with a wiggle
When a giggle means the world
and brings cosmic space humility
When the universe laughs 
it must be infinitely more contagious
Because stars are never so bright 
as when we get the joke
And get to take it home
And share it with friends
And spread this epidemic
Snap out of it
It's funny because it's true
And if you feel hurt
They aren't laughing at you
It's the cosmic joke
Can you take it?
“I had visions I was in them
I was looking into the mirror”
Completing each others sentences
This is a bad sign...
Although I only seem to ever 
finish them right half the time.
I only ever seem to fall in love 
when I'm not watching and
Maybe you snuck up on me 
or I was too fucked up to 
know the difference between 
casual flirting and star-crossed interview
 can you explain the back and forth 
of the insanities and outskirts
remind me what I don't need to think about?
Can you define love?
Can we join a circus?
Can we start a circus?
Can can can if if if
When when when
Never again except for
Now then now then now then
How how how
Don't ask me
It hasn't happened yet
Be happy for me
Be complete
Be happy for everything
Depression sucks
Jealousy sucks
make this life
Good enough to be your last.

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Antikythera Mechanism

 I reckon resonance in sediment
let the world keep burning
navigate cosmos solo milky way
star combat wombat on that
standard recognition of shit listen
sickening swing of a hundred things
from one side of the room to a quasar
sharp thorn in my paw
but no mice with anesthetic pathetic
you called me that once
but you may call me rat skunk
you may call me if the world
is becoming duck billed platypus
pail all hail and scattered t- storms
in the mid-west kid best git
up on outta here
this is our town bough down 
and it's holding up traffic
congratulations if you caught that
when I threw it from so far away
borrowed a vowel now I'm
stuck with in consonants so my sonnets
sound like mmmmmmm bzzzzzz
sssssssssssso hot you could light 
a joint off it topics got the 
shock of a walkie talkie 
before technicolor so what... is... next....

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Bad Myth

I am running out of ideas and
into concepts, notions and plans
that can't be ignored core values
that dictate the ways I stray from
Monday is a state of mind much
like signing my life savings to
some kind of IRS best neglect
taxes till they pay me back drafts
of wind convincing me to shoot the
breeze out of frustration for my
mortgage payments for my sins
are buried under pearl street bricks
where the fleeting glimpse of
tweekers eyes helps me sleep at night
because the poor fuckers can't
I'd rant this to him if he could
pay attention I'd suggest he take a look
at his reflection would persuade
anyone to stay away from crystal
coffee please smoke some weed
espresso puh-lease you must be
out of your mind

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Because shoes
Because many shoes
Because people
Because war zones
Because soap
Because food
Because water
Because you have to play with fire more
Because friction is hot but 
you're always so cold
Because of course reality is 
stranger than fiction...
Fiction is supposed to make sense! 
Because pine beetles 
make pine trees porous 
and it burns better
Because timber. 
Because tinder.
Because tremor.
Because quake.
Because burns hurt.
Because you have to play with fire.
And knives. And geometry.
And why is that satanic?
Because war on knowledge!
Because of shoes.
Because of boats.
Be cause of boots.
Because armadas.
We cause damage.
We got damaged.
We cost hundreds.
Of billions.
Of light years.
Every light a year
We see in the distance.
And speaking of which.
Where's my sideways elevators?
What's with the war machines bro?
Don't taze me bro.
Don't tax me so... 
Because food not bombs.
Because connect the dots.
How do you survive
on commercials.
How do you starve.
And still give.
How do you forgive?
For good?
How do you forget?
How do you regret? 
The unknown
How do you let go
go and be free
Catch and release
you have to
With fire

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Irresistible window tin echo
Fixation shaken non trauma
Shock subsiding wide lens
Sensory separation 

Style ignorant lemming shoes.
Cross species trend lust.
Mass suicidal toad schools.
Drink the proverbial kool-aid.
Worship whatever god you find suitable to ignore your problems.
Follow whatever diet you see as an excuse to die young. 

Jumble family names because you might be adopted.
Squirm under irrelevant questions because we're all guilty.
Provide them with probable cause when there is none, 
and remind them they didn't need it anymore anyway.
Poetic terrorism is not scary, but it sounds like it could be,
therefore the revolutionary gets the desired affect. 
We cannot force evolution but it will run its course.
Revolution runs in circles and can only be forced. 
I can't make this flower grow.
I can't abort an ungerminated field or 
kill an empty compost pile.
I can however stay up all night.

Fuck.... Sleep.
Insomniac auto-didactic distracted.
Disintegrating sounds and
Reality fracturing around lucidity
Confronting the whole picture.
Exhaling with vim and vigor:
"I made this"
I am responsible and 
need an excuse to destroy it before I inevitably lose it.
These are the fore-thoughts of megalomania. 
Invention - Creation
Destruction - Cremation
Repurpose - Resurface
Evolve and dissolve.
A hobo on the street holds a sign:
"Will listen to poetry for money"
Listening to the journey
Needlessly spanging
In the near future
No one will be serious
Except stark raving lunatics
If the near future happened today
Would you be ready
Would you be taken seriously?

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Best Laid Plans

Best laid plans
often turn to shit in the end.
Just hoping serendipity's my friend...
If there's a hell 
I haven't been there
but I know a lot that have
I've seen it happen
to the best of us
but we're all pickin' scabs
I've seen a genius turn to retard
I've seen a lot of winners lose
you can fake it till you make it
but its your world to chose
think yourself well
it don't work without imagination
ask your inner child 
how much time you're wasting
get scrilla pay bills take pills
make a name
karma's built on lifetimes
there's no one to blame
but your self 
your true self 
not the one in mortal coils
who are you today
stuck with problems or spoils
good hard work or toil
resident or royal
fuck your green grass
that's a waste of good soil
puzzle piece to peace
hope you find the right spot
you make the big picture fit
whether you see it or not
best laid plans
seem to turn to shit in the end
hoping synchronicity's my friend

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Secure in myself with the
seat-belt of life without a license
The car's a narcissistic crisis
Discussing destination with 
dadaist degradation
mental mastication
that makes everything digest
I digress as my car wrecks
and corrects I reflect
visionary narration of the
wrong plot is all
I've got to survive on
censorship grips the wrong words
wailing through page after page
piercing statements of rage
each opinion falsified with pride
just to appease the pious side
Spend the rest of your time
wasting its taste scent sight
you might as well when laws prohibit
sensory limit linked with infinite
probability beginning with
spinning singularities
solitary words can't offend
but they pretend certain verbs
hurt them in public
these deadly exclamations are
contagious - epidemic
Oh my virgin ears!
does it make me a slut if I
fuck every word I hear
linguistic indiscretion
is my strong point but
never fails to lead me
down and around these
spiraling paper trails
chasing my tale is
ordinarily just a matter
of vocabulary...

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Channel Surfing 1

Loose cannon action orgies
for more obese children in Tennessee
as beads of sweat threaten another
heart attack back the car up so I
can hop in the trunk a funky
smell went to parliament
George Clinton should be
president because this
one smells more like
shit than funk


Idiots run the world and
keep genius at bay while
geniuses suffer
from the delusion
that someday
the idiots 
will go away
we are all idiots

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Channel Surfing 2

Tuesday 9/21/10

Paranormal force
Swami perception
sectioned off concentration
half a seconds hesitation
for the occasion of
frequency oscillations
SAY I'm jaded
Daily more wasted
on in no cents taken
Give no change!
Driver takes tips
off trees picas
and grips

One day I'll be able to write not train of thought
but my thought is trained in a bizarre way
create logic bricks and stack them into the
shed skin of a snake taking way too long
to dissolve into the soil which naturally
back when it was coiled, would slither on
and think nothing more of...

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Channel Surfing 3

"Taking drugs
to make music
to do drugs to"

Sucking urine back into yourself
on a long bus ride

Showing and telling
personal karaoke bloopers
to an audience of one or less

Shaking for the sake of
staying still in the long run
knowing nothing is still in the universe

Forgetting everything for the sake
of knowing your self in the long run

Knowing who you are
for the sake of forgetting the short story

Being happy for the sake of changing
In the end
Knowing the end
so you can keep a secret and no friends
Knowing what's good for you
is as important as doing it.

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Channel Surfing 4

patterns of lost compassion
piling up in dump truck fashion
like found object art isn't in the
architecture, Collectors and
investors are best born short sighted
or they might never be bought up
caught up in the next seventh
wonder of the world still in
someones custody by Dubai
dusty apartments and abandoned
mansions mean graffiti canvases
for the real free world activists
we just wish the tags were more
You can't create without consuming
insatiable appetite for confusing
abused tuning forks out of keys
they need to unlock frequencies
this is a diseased piece of why
mitochondria conned me out
of the gene pool oh cruel fate
appreciates another Darwin
award for shortsighted hybrid
cell inbred bells and whistles
on the long walk to hell
found a chainsaw and listened
closely to the chain rattle hum

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Channel Surfing 5

After you said hi three times
 it's high time to say hello.
I can counterfeit the future.
Not just for 
 any more!
No longer just 
for the poor!
I chew with my mind open.
She's on a wheaties box

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How I ever even got here 
I don't know - I don't know
It's been a binge of gibberish,
showmanship, and dumb risks
There's never been a measurable high
Because despite my never 
touching ground
I'll never see the sky

Eyes wide open driving 
blinded by trials
Imperfections and errors 
tearing holes in my style 
gotta leave, I gotta be, 
I've got a piece of the ocean

Don't ask the seas I've seen.
I hardly know the waves I'm coastin

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Cochlea ear hole evolution
Unsung heroes among
unsung heroes
Bamboo bombilla
Brand mind landscape
Phone app oh snap
Snow cap crow trap
Grow back
The happy pill
Known hack don't frack
Unpack oil spill
Clean up ya mean mug
improbable un-provable
Movin' unmovable
Bull shit mull it
Over within a thin line
I don't like to mess with fate
I shape the past to make mine
Make minds
Behave modification
Day spin
Say when
Well	 then
Not enough
You need more?
Speaking leaking hardcore
Art		Your
Wood node zone Creation
Shame full of aloha dough
Biscuit wish piss bucket list to
Schism shishka shoe shine high
Light of an insignificant mind I
Strobe light with precision.
Dime a dozen, done in run in
One bad apple ruins the cider
Wide turns and escape syntonic
Rhythm is kismet spit up
Ego boast is the most ironic
Sonic family to the nth degree

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Coitus Scope

Completely incomplete
In a vigorous rest repeat
Rinse it off to see the see through
Three two one to one two three
We all need some consequences
Directions and a better plan
The first broken hearts hurt and
Got worse so I can understand
But giving up is only easy
If you forget the goal
Working toward the finish line
Is like eating when you're full
So put a little bit of effort in
Until it's effortless and let
The world expand your run
It's not work until you sweat
I bet the world got you down
And others make it look easy
Well they may not be faking
But it's all about the reasons
Growing into bigger space
Will make it all look hard
Appreciate the finer things
Because you got that far
Everyday you fold and say
Pretty sure I've seen it all
You have a universe to study
Steady on you hear the call
But all the sunshine on this rock
Couldn't make you see it stop
It takes time to see a sunrise
And a climb to make it to the top
We summit - done it
In a hundred ways
Every possible dimension
In a couple of shades
We play dead just to prove we live
And love to live it out
But the fact is in practice
Take it for granted and 
we doubt
That this life is for us
That this just ain't my generation
But your just piloting a space craft
This is where you were stationed
I chased it
Chased a dream I couldn't catch
Pretty sure every time I sleep
It gets more out of grasp
But I see signals and signs
I'm still doin my time
And it's comforting to know that
Someday we get to die
That's my prize, my reward
Some cheat and clock out early
They missed a shit ton of beauty
By becoming the tragedy
So don't fall in love too fast
But don't forget that's all there is
Don't forget to remember
you don't know what you forget

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Collecting Dust

Collecting dust because
it says so much about the
past lasts longer than you think
we drink it sink our teeth in the meat
of it and see it speed ahead of us in
the distance its quiet if we listen
but when we try to sleep it buzzes
loudly keeping us awake at night
we take a minute to hear it out
and see what it has to say
~What a difference the shade makes~
On a hot day daze of how many ways
the maze can twist and turn
even if you're not concerned with
the escape plans it demands
you have an understanding of the
next thing you do is that really true?
in the big sky of blue there are
infinite reasons to see the stars
from different perspectives
collecting dust because
that's all there was above
what must have been gravity
Calamity STRUCK and I can
still hear the ringing buzz in
my ear loud and clear
vibrations based on a
big bang we witnessed
when it all started and
parted off into a universe
the fractal vortex never
stops we just top it off
with a rhythm imprint
and when winter begins
again no telling
what could happen

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Common Nonsense

As if I never thought a bit about good faith
It's Human waste if you ask me
The side of you that never knew
 how to dress in middle school
is prettier than you will ever be

I never knew I never do the things I do the best
Of all the ripples I create the water does the rest

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Consecutive Characters

For the second time in a row
Tonight is a parallel
slow moments between
And gone for the bulk of it
Force the image of success
You will never find
Under a boxtruck
Or between shingles
The poorest plan
Is the one least confused
Without perspective
And astonishment
The collective mind dulls
Being open minded
Exposes to callouses
Or infections
Detection of which
Seen in the chisel tip
Split between massive
And insignificant
Chicken scratch throwie
Or Graf prophet glowing

Become core and 
core becomes Cancer
Growth for the sake of growth
Is cancerous 
We all need to eat 
And sure shit is compost
But the meaning is lost 
in the cycle of life 
AKA plumbing
AKA sewage lagoon 
We don't need you
In fact we could use 
Half of the half of whats left 
to be doomed
So we intend on living
Right through this apocalypse 
Is my ellipses dot dot dot
Don't need an escape plan
My excuse for impermanence is 
concrete and only the weeds 
know the language I speak

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Considering That

It wasn't the price is right 
kind of cost measurement
when we collected everything left 
and gave it away
Does it matter what it's worth to you
when someone needs it too? 
As soon as someone has it 
circumstances turn admirers to fools..
The more you want what you can't have
the more your back will feel stabbed
And when you feel it in your chest
you come up with things to confess
some people lie to seem innocent
and some to the competition 
as if its gonna help to bluff 
when you can see each others 
hands become fists flying quickly
into sticky situations
sun to sky and land to time we
still out shine every land mine
takes another pair of legs
which in America were never
put to use or just forgotten
caught in talkin' about how
laziness will cage you in
your own body but moving
cages are part of the outrageous
number of reasons we're revolting
hopefully insulting will
encourage moving cages
to raise above the ground with
proud levitation with a cut
and paste carbon copier
cartridge kind of duration

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Delirium Rap

I was born in a library
And in it was a book
It was never even opened
So I cracked it once to look.
When I couldn't even read
It inspired me and shook
The very nature of reality
and I was like
Fuck this
I'm gonna write a track
Write a bitable bit of battle
Brrr-rap it's no use jack
I pack the heat back the speech
Attack and tactfully teach
When it hits you
it'll crack your teeth
One good thing about music
It ruins you when the truest blue
Be stacking the beats
I need a cold bong hold on
To the edge of yr seat
Dead wrong head strong
Trippin over their own feet
Trying to shuffle to this song
Knee deep in concrete
Get drunk take a seat
I'm not here to compete
This is a systematic prayer
For the people that don't care
If I could stop giving a shit
I'd never have to compare
But the facts are quite clear
It's been a hell of a year
And I'd be lying if I wasn't
looking forward to a beer
Gotta press on get gone
As if I was never even here
Is it too much to ask
For a stable career
In the mean time I write
Wire my synapses tight
To make connections
Subtle suggestions
On ways to lessen the plight
We all know it won't wait
We movin faster than that
The traps provided by fate
Couldn't catch the stray cat
Got my eyes on the prize
Just stayin alive
Could use a million bucks
But ain't turnin down five
Hustle ain't just a word kid
It's a state of freakin' mind
If you know what to look for
theses days? It's a guaranteed find
You're either dependable
Or expendable
Too young or too old
You're either a bitch or a goddess
Or both and stone cold
You either fight for good
Or you're too good to fight
And I don't know when I'm wrong
But know wrong when I write
So I'll just give you some questions
I hope you can solve
I hope you come up with an answer
I don't have any at all
This is the good ship psyche
Maiden voyage and fall
In the blink of an eye
And the sound of yes y'all
We get to tinkering with
Shiny things hearin' the call
Time to mutiny again
and a whiskey double tall
We hoist a nationless flag
The pig's out of the bag
you try to make me a slave
when this country is a grave
Lady Liberty we know
she's the tombstone
And Uncle Sam enlisted 
and he's  never coming home

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Developement Developement
The planet's going celibate
time is of the essence and 
my essence is irrelevant
carbon dioxide?
I'm just breathin' for the hell of it
well if I ain't?
I am predator - I am prey
chasing my tale killing 
everything in the way
day by day I can't wait
to be endangered
epidemic outbreaks
low oxygen intake
take a joke!
seriously man
I'll be a real fake 
and paint my face opaque
this oasis is a mirage
and this is my camouflage
facade god forgot to deny
the language barrier
and buried me with the plot
no offense taken back by dotted lines
recline on your broken tread mills 
I'll chase carrots on mine
cry sheep in my wolf costume
post humous soon 
the position will be a robot 
with well written intuition 
in Java script
systems break down
kinetic energy 
when they make sound
hey look at what me and space found
another vacant lot
so let's develop it
develop it

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Diisdain. this stain.
Soliloquy of basics
Not on my watch 'Rolex'
to satellite might
Scoop me up from confusion
Extrapolate distinction
I am me
Chemically and
I am my rhythm
Broken heart
To breakbeat
Throw me a poem
Not just a stupid
thought stream
Rounding edges and
Bar bell
curve balls
Trimmed hedges
In front of free falls
Driving off a cliff
to lift your head
from finishing your text
Don't mind the G.P.S.
Spent a pretty penny
on predicting my own death
now I'm alive and in debt
With a half a decade left
I traced the long
lines of my ancestry
Along a downward spiral
just to find no family tree
Deceased for reasons forgotten
Can't remember my own name
I used to know fresh from rotten
But now it's a different game
Picking pieces from my teeth
(Is this vodka or bleach)
Remember to wipe your chin
(It rubs the lotion on its skin)
Sold on the goal told to be bold
Don't be an asshole asshole
You'll be rich when your dead
I'm gettin sick of empty threats
Reporting live from death
I made a garden instead
Je nes se pas I dont jest
guess I suggest you protest
Placing bets on a test
Live it up for the rest
Rest repeat rest repeat
Complete pieces
Of a screen kiss
Couldn't resist
Well framed shot
Well arranged plot
Remember what
you were taught
Memorize the lines
Practice practice
It's a marathon
Not a sprint
This is a battle
Not THE battle
unfinished art
on the canvas
of a man who 
just went blind.
This stain this page
Disdain to bliss rage
And anyway
Placing bets on a test
We live it up for the rest
Stuck in funny money prisons
Or on drugs and depressed
Rest repeat rest repeat
Completely incomplete
Couldn't resist the piece
too overheard to speak

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Prescription addiction 
twisted diction direction
Antichrist sacrament
been there twice and back again
burning out the filament
seismic psilocybin
biocode pyramid
organic born to panic
cancer panoramic image
banter cross the land
far jar-gone pop song plan
Chaos never died so by Eris
I abide through poetry and try
again to prophesize what's
happenin principle doctrine: 
walk when they tell you to
stop talk when they tell you to
shut up you're interrupting
you mean p-p-p diddle to me
scrilla scrilla bling benjamins
I'm renderin troops to
bring the planet back to its roots
you don't know me and if you do, 
you know I'm never lonely
Omens showin the way
crow Speaks and if you listen
you can hear the deer pray
because we humans paved the way 
to a much much much brighter day 
than we'd expected lethally intercepted 
by progress and disrespected by honest 
people lying in the name of a 
God we trusted dust to crop dusted fields 
our fate is vacuum sealed and corrosive 
gases make the inside peel
so let's party like its 1999 and 
Y2K is a proven fact, 
We used to think the web was ours 
but now its been hijacked,
 a heart attack at the core of our 
reality cataract 
pulling the reigns on this track
I plan find out exactly what 
our consciousness lacks

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Don’t Doubt

Doubt becomes sacrifice of
Ideals and ideals I feel
Are the basis of reality
Do stuff - Make things
Is the mantra
We find what
We find we
Do what we must
We must be who we are
We are still finding us
And the death of breath
We are left to fend for
This purposeless
Squeaking of the bed boards
Scraping past the broken core
Of a reality you've never
Seen or met before
Intoxicants and the prying eyes
Of the soiled doves you
Never meant to find
You are a soldier
A fool
Pointing at the sky
As you
Walk off a cliff
And prove
But found
Life is a tool
You know very well
How to use.

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Don’t Worry

Woah woah woah
Listen Chicken Little
There is nothing really wrong,
we have only the Big Bang at stake.
Big plane like infinite unwritten
Love a shove, spun and smitten
Don't get into fights in spite of the desire 
rewrite, rewire
Suddenly un-inspired like, 
it takes a village 
to raise my hopes, 
and hope that village 
ain't full of dopes.
I know the ropes
but can't tie most 
of the right knots.
I spots ionosphere 
in the distance
for instance 50,000 feet to space
ain't a light year
we see quite clear 
in our range, 
free range,
we drain,
Let me explain.
Free range,
 we drain, 
let me just, 
patch this up
but leak the more porous 
so we can explore us 
the best fresh water flows
but so fast and won't last, 
so we shadowy sheep 
sleep by the spring.
buy things that make us
feel as new,
like me and you.
Getting older. 
connect better 
when it gets colder 
and our molecules contract.
Interact with new agents,
strays and ancient sages alike.
We type 
numeral by numeral
Until it becomes a beat. 
A rhythm.
A pattern. Routine.
Keep my psyche sterile and 
synapses squeaky clean, 
so when we next peer into outer space 
our inner remains pristine.
I mean.
Free range.
We drain energy,
So systematically 
we track it and 
keep peace with the leeches
symbiotic and speechless. 
Reasons to lose it become friends 
if you choose it 
bring life into those minds 
you seem to think are stupid 
just so you can prove it.

Free range and cageless.
The sky is falling
But you already knew that
So don't worry.

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Drop Circles

Around the point
Around the pound
The sound the coin
Without the sound
Of what I need
Of what I got
Of what I been
Of what I'm not
Some of this
Or some of that
I'm not enough
I'm giving back
Dead culture and
The lot kid tribalism
Becoming family
Identity on patchwork
Standardization is domination
We'd remembered the reason
But for gotten to leave
We finally found peace
But can't breathe
We opened up to some
But closed off to the world
Would have given it up
But traded swine for pearls
Traded lies for
Jaded girls
Paid the spies
As the truth unfurls
It's either pay at the pump
Or pay at the pub
It's dumb enough
To soften up
Or soft enough
To being numb
to the very place
the pain came from

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Expired expectation
Spent on density of regret
I take twice what you gave
Listen to half of what you said

I don't want you to think
I don't appreciate it all
I didn't need to be caught
But i never meant to fall

Never meant to be a burden
You didn't have to help
But it's because of you
I'm certain I've discovered my true self
my true wealth - my true cost
my true fortune - my use 
and it's way more exciting
than what you'd have me do

Worn out welcomes 
and meandering goodbyes 
have paved the way to some enlightenment 
in recognizing lies

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First of All

This isn't inhibition 
this is a mission
within which I admit
there is no one way
turning around to see two 
pairs of  footprints paved
when and where we are becomes
a greater mystery
Every blind faith is busy
poking eyes out
preaching like they aren't
the ones they warn about
Take enough time
to grow comfortable and it's over.
Born again because 
you just forgot the first time
waste another 20 years
after death wouldn't take you
 but you claim to embrace it
every blind faith is busy poking eyes out
the ones with the biggest poking sticks
are still  the most devout
reciting the bible
like it still deserves that name
is heaven the objective?
or a level in the game?
Questionable content
haunted and volatile
millions of smiling eyes
like chasing a prize 
the wrong way on an escalator 
if they could just accept 
with love their gift
this gift of life 
I'd love to see their eyelids lift!
Every blind faith is busy 
jabbing at the sockets
millions of eyes in 
their deep pockets
running for office
slandering the prophets
and in the name of God no less

Taking back his only seriously
mysterious characteristics
affixed to his specific type
of dialed in sickness he twists
the pistons under the hood of
his jacket so as to unmask the
past as part of the overwhelmingly
ordinary day to day
rephrasing of day to day a
way of life or living it
spinning linguistics 
giving given giving given
a whole new meaning to everything
tried to sing along
but no one wrote the song
yet condemned the best parts
to censorship for family restaurants
intelligence slipping off cliffs and
into trash bins hoops whose
faces were replaced by bad
celebrity impressions
and no one knows the difference...

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Flower Poem

The first flower I saw met I could never remember 
because each subsequent was more beautiful 
than the last, sometimes glimpses, 
passing pictures in my head and I feel such gratitude
that I got to witness it's beauty
during its short lifespan. 
The honor of petals the dance of leaves, 
it flexes so hard 
 but only for certain eyes.
It produces it's aroma
It's unique scent
for blessed noses
Unless you pick it
Or it's individual taste
Should you choose to lick it.
But this flower.
Not the first and
Please for the bees
I hope not the last!
This flower 
  this existence
This compliment to mud
Body fur of the earth
The growing style.
The trees may breathe me
The flowers teach me to breathe

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Not lonely
Never jealous see
Sell a fell tree to the belfry
Seashell I smell legitimacy
In a mean streak stretch
Tweak nipple softly softcore
Score more than a couple
Torn contorted store bought
Forethought hindsight
And complacency
Triple catastrophe line up
Take inhibitor bitter pill
Thrill seeker why not
Caught looking too hard
For dropped smile
Gotcha shot the
lost last dada
Dog complex
dense city density
get me out of here
Take me to your
Take me in your
intimate gestures
Love and affection
You affect
Be it non sequiter circus talk
The perfect plot or the
Forget me knots
Comfortable silences
Let's take a walk maybe
Let's beat the clock baby
With a hammer
We don't need time anymore
When we are together
Let's just remember
That damned if you do
Damned if you don't
Ransom approach
Ought to be blessed if you do
If not both
So I've been off and on an obstacle
of the thoughts I think the most
Not sure if I remember how to
Even get that close
Pterodactyl ghosts
Whisp and skip in the sky
While I elope locrian high
If you don't know why
This should be no surprise
I'm a predictable poet
Homeless romantic
In the fabric of space time
And you remind me to use mine
So please take a percentage
Of whatever you find

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Freaks Like Me

Kids like us...
We give em the Jericho run around
Run amok till we'd 
dug ourselves underground
Found a way out within 
and given the chances - might as well have stayed
Cuz it's a jungle out there! 
Monkeys in the trees!
Vermin walkin the streets with hip cats and noxious weeds
Stability ain't found in the concrete.
A tissue to be broken. An origin to maintain.
Stability is time and space - the final frontier.
Only found now and here.
Until we're asked to move.
And we move - move to a beat
Broken djimbe unwaxed didj
If seagulls flew by the bay 
they'd be baygulls!
Infinite dead baby jokes..
Yo, you dropped your pocket...
Dropped your smile
Help us make love on the sidewalk.
We might exchange talk
But we never show the
 true survivalist side.
Hoppin fences, shoplifting fine cheeses and smoked meat. 
Lying is the act. The world is a stage 
and you probably can't see it from the bleachers,
or even in a front row seat without scopes.
Freaks like me.
They use my shoulder.
Cry to me about the divorce
as they catcall passing women.
They tell me to get a job and i let em.
Prone to tangent
Chrome polishing hobos
solvents don't get this filth off
Torture won't make these walls talk
On and off a drug cocktail
McHungry - I'm lovin' hatin it
Waiting for the payment
Livin' easy 
playing ultimate hold em
with five dollar fleas, 
can't afford the medicine
But you bought the disease
Freaks like me.
They line the streets here, 
chanting the dull mantras
Of "Spare any leftovers?" and 
"Take me home I'll cook you breakfast!"
Sort of resourceful and easily dismissed
I get a kick
out of a kick down
getting kicked out is a kick in the nuts
So we're kickin' it 
like a wild donkey!
We learned how to chill in the winter
Lick wounds and mend the emptiness
with amber flask
Five bucks and you can forget 
hunger or inhibition or ambition
listening to the stranger. 
Empathy becomes self sacrifice
Swallowing pride and chasing it with whiskey
You are what you eat when you're drunk on humility
and it always goes down easy for the freaks like me

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Freaky New Age Psychobabble

Concealing ideas deleted
and beaten by unreasonable
competitors forged out of
city extract and condensed
cesspool sort of convinced
this mess is a work of art
start a portfolio to lessen the
value palette cleansers like
ginger and lime keep my
aperture tight so I can dine
on my time wasted spent

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What fun
Is a game you can't lose
What fun - what fun
Is a test you can't fail
what fun - what fun
Can we have that wont
Eventually kill us
It ain't fun if you don't have to
Clean up a mess

Separate but together
Birds of a feather fall
From the sky piling up
Lifes little questions like why
Acid rain smog toxic clouds
Steady the cannons
Fire some rounds so
They can know
They can know
what fun we have now

Forgin' with the meter
And the reason I write
You down wind of the alcohol
Stench from last night
With the fact that I haven't been
Myself lately
Steady drinkin' sinkin' thinkin'
Of the future to be
It's not a celebration of freedom you bleed
It's not for attention
It's not what you did
What you do for me
You do for everyone you meet
Comfort and devotion temporarily
You always fit like a glove
You boast infinite love
But never infinitely
You're all I need when you're here
I cant miss you when you're gone
Confuse distraction for life
I should have lived all along
I just thought 
differently then
Living a lie you were all I needed
When I'm not under your spell
I could never even believe it
It seemed easy that way
But it was harder than hell
now that I'm back in the inferno
You can hardly tell
Scorched flesh open wounds
And internally bleeding
Ain't shit when considering
The life I could be leading
What fun
Is a life
Or a life that ain't worth dyin for
If I ain't havin fun 
then what the fuck is death for
For the pilot flying time
I'm willin to stop the plane
 and take mine
You won't forget me
Don't be surprise
when I take it by force
you lost course
What fun
Is a game you can't lose
What fun what fun
Is a test you can't fail
what fun can we have that wont
Kill us
It ain't fun if you don't 
have to clean up a mess

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Get A Job

A bad joke for the pirate poet.

Get a job.
Get a high paying job.
Do not question the oligarch.
Let it drive you.
Do not concern yourself
with authority.
Don't not.
What if what Is is what IS
Do stuff and make things.
Make your passion
make money.
Whatever money means.
To normal people money is currency.
Money is currency.
Produce currency with grace.
Produce the moment
Grace those with currency your assets.
Assets and talents.
This is intangiblendity.
Assets are (our) talents.
No one pays for creativity these days.
But currency is currently the QED of 
talent and talent will never go out of style.
Produce! And we will pay mind.
Guarantee production and we will pay.
But ideas are fishes and the sea is abundant.
Show don't tell.
And leap before you yell.
Instead of yelling before you leap,
There are worse things for the flock -
Than staying with the sheep.

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Go Ahead

Go ahead
Pick at my wings
Pull my tail
It's all relative
You talk shit about my animal nature
To yourself
And lie about yours to both of us
Never say never
Because you don't even
Understand the word yet
I hadn't written a poem
Since the first time you hurt me
By saying yes for the first time
You didn't mean it
But played along as if
A Hollywood actress
Wasn't a liar for the perfect role
Overprotective is an
We are unproductive together
So we part ways to do
Nothing on our own
And everything we ever wanted
But never became too much
For either of us to handle
When we never had always
From the very beginning
And wouldn't recognize the end
If it punched us in the face
Double fisted raised to the sky
Like superman only
Pretending to fly
Because up is way harder
And you take the easy way down
I've been lying here
And never had to hesitate
Honesty before
but this time
It felt right practicing being fake
For a future role as a human
How do you do this stupid
Two leg walking thing
Balance is a wagging tail
Quadruped I walk in circles
Before bed but can't find comfort
In the memory of when
 Self awareness included
Considering two peoples feelings
When will the smell of winter
Win her back from the side of me
That didn't know what to do
And come back to the side that 
doesn't care
I've got more important things
To ignore now

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Go Figure

Figure out a rock with your hands
Figure out the wind
Figure out a bug
A snake
Before you die
Figure out a tree, please, with your hands
Figure out a blade of grass
Figure out a flower
Figure out an herb
Introduce a 

few more senses
With your hands
Figure out an herb
Now figure out politics,
With your hands
Figure out life and death
Figure something out
With your hands
Now fix it

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Gone Fishing

Objective got bent backwards
I rehearse my fate, never hesitate
to make a good mistake
 a break away from straight 
curvature of the spine grinds 
any findings back to dust I must 
I must I must take to heart 
this tart artistic metaphor 
we can't ignore
a sunny doom in the future
suit your cyborg heart 
and servo driven limbs akimbo
living nimbus circuits in us
living linguistics
give what you can
supply and demand
Cataclysmic planetary physics
Cartesian coordinates in transit

I glance past the green grass
on either side to see if the breeze will 
keep me content
Suspense of indispensable
experience is infallible proof
of pretend head games played
by the pros he knows what he wrote
but could he comprehend it by
the ending left with questions
hesitating to ask as the opportunity passed 
the last window on the train
the eyestrain became unbearable
unaware of bare skins spins on emotion 
one notion didn't cross my mind
but I'll find it in the next blind spot
a lot less visible but just a nibble
of freedom before I go I know
plenty of pretty fish in this tiny sea
so please if you're fishing 
play catch and release

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To slap another crutch out from under
broken shoulders so we can hobble
back together weather permitting
intrigue gleefully believing good news
could be the only pre-treatment for
these soiled under garments alarm
our advocates we are undefeated
but please keep yourself seated...

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Heat Waves

Heat waves rise off everything
And my dead skin misses me
Until night time
When cellular memory reminds it
That it's had too many..
or given too many fucks
Can I borrow some on interest
Because if you needed them
The golden age is over
You missed it and now
There is no profit margin
On the typeset
Upset someone is winning 
at the game you invented to lose at
And every time you score a point
It's over pixelated
Shame is not a deadly sin
But sometimes it should be
Shaving hours off the clock
So you can save time
As it drifts into the wrong mailbox
I wrote that love letter so you'd
Miss me but never come back
I confessed I never felt a thing
Until you left and now the letters
Of left and felt never fall into place
Like they should.
I felt left and I left felt
Feel this
It might be the last beginning
you'll ever need or
The first ending you ever meant.
Let's keep it that way.
Let's stay.
Hoping that it's true that we could do better
even if we don't
I hang with the bohemians
In my head now..
Where obvious ain't so obvious
Especially when you want it.
"hey you should get paid"
And to the employed it's
"Another job"
And to the unemployed it's
"Just another scratch ticket"
And as far as reality goes...
Who wants to hire me.
Who do I want to work for?
Getting laid and getting paid...
This is not about genitals
WE ALL have genitals!!
What do you DO?
Do u exchange words
for letters while u text?
Strike one.
Do you prefer currency over character? Guilty!
Fuck you! Strike two!
Are you distracted by technology?
Me too! Strike three!
Will you please
accept me as I am?
Because I need some pointers
My beer boils in the sun
It's never been this hot
I don't think I know anyone
I'm learning what I'm not
Not for the first time
Not for the last time
What am I besides a few pieces
Thrown through the seasons

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Heavy Sativa

vida demons 
see to desensitize 
re-define phenomenally 
nominal rewind we shine shamanic
concept tally count back from
infinite to nothing cutting
two is two is two
cali connection reflection
sun shine behind closed eyelids
known to wise hiss righteous 	
patiently explainin
it's not my way or the highway
it's the trails we's a blazin 
escape plans
and jah be praisin' namastes' and
take the cake 
can the candle be re-lit 
with an indiscriminate wick 
can the wake be re-played
if the eulogy didn't fit
kiss the script if you can't memorize it
love is magic when you can recite with
living isn't just another 
icon made worthy for
thirteen television keynotes 
demoted to the don't kiss and tell
spit and spell skip and shell
and throw rocks in glass houses
when we were
exhibitionists anyways and
grew comfortable with our callouses
and oiled our skin
let the trail unwind its self in your direction
or you'll never be left to fend
or you'll never pretend
or you'll never defend it
this is your only 
way to find
your only broken side
you're only broke inside
and no one is put here to fix it
but we are all learning to fix the same hole
and so far scraping it 
out hasn't worked
we're all empty inside
we're all broke inside and 
spoiled rotten rich without
but can't seem to become natural
disasters call our names as 
if to blame but made the whole thing up
as if to say the planet is a game
so let's play it
channel all the chips and cards 
to one side of the table
and reclaimed it
for the sake of the sun 
and what's to become
of universal language
change is the only constant so
you better be ready to embrace it
or get an upside down face lift.
Now quick! learn how to shape shift.

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Hella hella hella lo!
a killa call out's 
a howl at the moon
this is my tune 
I'm doin a new style 
wild aces
faces in the rain
boondock saint chain gang
galang galang 
and bare my wolf like
fangs through language
lucid proof of stupid abusive
views of pollution
 ruination - conclusion
hella hella illusion
I'da jotted this rhyme
between dotted lines I could 
disconnect on my own time
which is busy running out 
and ignoring my cries to..
Hella hella horrific and pitiful
call it a never say never come back
and go long  if you read and write 
right wrong
Hella hella emptiness, empty this
original subliminal echo
art deco - rate me..
Not like slam at the mercury
 1 thru 10 like what you think feel and see
read me - like the dozen open full notebooks
I've lost out my pockets and poems I forgot and 
don't remember my own fuckin' life now.
Hella hella unpublished bull shit.
Hella hella recipes for the apocalypse.
Cooking up something in hella hella 
hells kitchen.  Reality commission,
and this is the b-boy remix goin'
Thank you - Thank you
and fuck you a little bit for the truth
which - by the way change is 
the only constant is this barstool
and the only intelligent female
 left on the planet 
	is working the bar
with an apathetic glare like
"You know I work for tips right?"
the only inspiration left I can gather left
is this heavy heart rate like...

Rate me ... Rate me my friend..

and screw the scoreboard
because it 98 BPM and going
when I jump off this rock it's not slowing
won't let it stop without knowing
it's done some good! Right?
hella hella coincidence
The other guy already wrote my poem
so I had to tell you my shit list

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Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
From Capitol Hill 
we can officially
declare bankruptcy now,
Thanks to God for the politicians
They were delicious
because this is America
America can't say no
way to be a Mia Farrah faucet 
on and off switch it's a 
profitable prophecy
debatable by nature
inflatable parade
March Forth!
November 5th
and 2012 has been rescheduled
because it happens all the time
and the revolution is on rerun
people seem to need fun
but no one takes a joke seriously
anymore felines and I'll lose the point
I'm trying to make out of a tree branch
broken from the stress of its
fractal finesse I arrested
the lumber jack and invested
in definitely not philanthropy
‘tis better to have love than lust
Close only counts in 
horseshoes and hand grenades
or statistics or an approximate diagnosis
thought it was a broken heart
but look closer
this is obviously wander-lust
with an acute case of
kill me - bill me 
build me up
buttercup baby don't you let me down
you're all that I need - I need you
(point) I need you
But not that much
and I'm glad you don't need me
because sometimes
I could take or leave me too
And I don't need to sit on any fences
because when I'm this high 
I can still hear the grass grow
Close only counts when you're listening 
is a game of life and death
Decisions I can wait to make
MILLIONS until I know what the fuck I'm making
You a little nervous?
You a little Irish?
You a little distracted?
You a little confused?
I'm not! J-J-J-Join my cult
We don't keep any secrets and know
people are capable of lying on the television!
I slept there once!
*point to the corner*
*drink beer*
Comedy is all about timing
This should take up to three minutes
Please don't laugh at me
Laugh at the scary stuff
Like impending doom
and mistakes that affect lives like 
Fukushima, the Military Industrial Complex
Roundup, Chemtrails and
Cry if you find this funny... funny...
I didn't think it would bounce like that
My yo-yo broke... I have to move it
up and down manually now
My slinky is getting old so I 
have to walk it down the stairs
My hula hoop still works
get it? It's for the the kids!”
It's kind of a sexual innuendo?
It's the tits...
It's so good you'll have to drink water
It will help with the hangover
or whatever you kids call it these days
80% of drug slang terms are made up
on the spot - in church
hoping god doesn't understand
because we got a really good deal 
on the shpadoinklerx and we're gonna
woohoo till the sunrise wobbles
I BELIEVE! In the yeti - CSETI
Satan Claus - Jesus - cheerleaders - zombies
bats - old people, Yoda and CHALK
The truth is OUT THERE man
FAR out there...  

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KAbbalah Box

Deep embedded gonzo
toss up coin flip
tap out 
heads up 
enough times 
whiplash gets you buzzed 
what's up with the
fakeness in the gut
splint fuck
this nut biz
for the squirrels
I like methodical girls
with pearls hidden 
in the rhythm on a half shell
turtle power flower we sell
for pelvic 
poker tells
and love spells
fork in the road
bucket in the
well well well
where ya been
ashita kim
finger linguistic
master minimalist mystic
emotionally stealth
hundred tabs of X 
and you still couldn't be felt
where you at Kerouac
staring back
at some fat Beats
back seats 
secrets leaked
on the night train
light chain - eye strain
my grain of sand kissed
mantis francisco disco
landing strip
nude dissed
dance fist lisp 
brisk baby baby
kissing pissing
moaning roaming
panoramic amethyst
Isotope rope-burn
local news
nature views
listening peruse
pursue pause play
excuses systemic
pandemic non dimension
fenced in mind state
paper trail labor pail
face blonde neighbor
bail bond James Bond
James Brown
I feel Good!
Ninanina Simone simone
I feel Good!!!
music blares
who cares
pink bears
blank stares
no fair s-s-selected
well aware redirected
p-p-p pen perfected
Scribble intersections
deflected to Oprahs
best seller television
non genre Super
Juxta position 
kabbalah box
toddler bottle talks
wobble walks and
ecological banality 
talent-seekers meet me at the docks
so I can push you off

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(keep the homefires burning)

So to Speak come to think 
on that note - by the way - in other news
We can 
hem and haw
at awe and wanderlust
the stem and jaw and
 spawn of the omnibus
cross strained - between - villainous and vain 
with intention to forget to remember the pain
we need to leave to see the homestead
to breathe is nothing
without (once) holding your breath
hem and haw at awe and wanderlust
hit the road quick are you on or off the bus
never to determine if this is anchor or cannonball
is this the first gate to open or the last wall to fall
buck up young crumbled ego
truly broken hearts don't beat
if you keep thinking you are half a man 
you might as well just be
Keep the homefires burning
so in warmth we can sleep
Compare the cold to the spaces
outside of your dream
Remember the embers as
slowly they fade know only
the world as whats cast in the shade

But outside of night... in the day...

Wisdom is wasted on the old
and youth is wasted

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Love Shovel News

(a found poem at love shovel)
Padang dangg adapt padding
paddeding padded – dappeder dapper
damn Padang gap pagan damn
plasticated cat puke coup de ville
to the goblin cafe 
flailing gavel vacuum Yup
Fought rocky Anderson 
donkey angel stepped in occupy camp 
pack mule shut the camp down
damp gown camp down wind of the 
typing phonetics - Hooked on
You wanna be president?
I want you goo! 'schoolboard'
Dark places between my baseball apparatus
Sucks to be the boss.. Don't it?
Jive Kundalini deal 
80 years a girl
Ho-ho-ho yogini 
Fuck greenpeace
Can I get a piece? Wow,
that could really
set some shit off
like an alarm clock
'Ding ding ding!' Girl time!
Not like Baggins though
We knew it would get narfed
Story of my life: Random guitar riff.
Maybe we should set up a store
So when I'm throwing in extra images
I'm sly man 
that's exactly what they want
System of concrete suggestions
Tell them to eat a dick
It's a basic human right!
And you can still get fucked
10 to 24 incarcerated
That joke killed babies in china
I hope you're happy..
It's something I can care about
I'm immortalizing you
Turn her classic heart on
I'm gonna give em blayjays
It's almost blasphemous
Priming yourself for the spaceship
That's the shit we gotta talk about
Edgar Cayce story of Jesus
in a Coup Deville 
rockin holographic
pop hits to the populace 
intravenous in transit... 
One zen lunatic versus
A million Vajrayana buttlickers
Mosquito on your left shoulder
Catalyst of a glam kingdom
New Orleans like Iggy and David
They had the munchies
Frying chicken on 420
It melted in your mouth.
You couldn't tell it was chicken
They were doing their part.
This guy was a doctor
Not doing tai chi in hyperspace
What is officially your intention
is bigger than hip hop
So essentially you are not going
back to Cali this year.
This one time I chewed up a fossil
And spit out a dinosaur.
I don't have any evidence.
Please forgive me.
I will have better stories.
Help me make them up..

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File under fun fluid
And a dog named lucid
Fly flat through true
Love arrows by Cupid
Keep you falling - but
Humans you make me stupid
Lose sight of the high tide
Seein the ocean from a low rise
You. It's true remind me of
My wilder side. But you shine.
When you shine it's brighter
Than the stage lights
My name on the marquis
In big plastic letters
Ain't worth the ticket price
If we're not there together
Inspiration is key
It's exchange of energy
That's why I write this
It's for you but it's me
And when it isn't I get in between
The curtain fold to picture gold
And you stage left end scene

It seems like a problem
It seems like a problem
It seems just like a problem
You can't solve

It seems like a problem
Just another fucking problem
But it ain't another problem
It's my job

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It was the dust it was the dust 
that we were dumb enough to trust
Sustain the draining hourglass
with time we all will rust.
Topple over under windy weather
lest we're bolted down
by the lightning all igniting
when we hear the thunder sound
the static atmosphere is shrinking 
less and less of us are thinking
linking lore to present day
we say these gray skies are deceiving
weaving strings into a theory
we were weary of the dust
it was the dust it was the dust
that we were dumb enough to trust

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My Conditions

These are my conditions
Don't ask me about my conditions
Don't ask me about my mental condition
It starts here.
You can bet all the matching silverware
in your starspangled filibuster jumpsuit.
There is no giant ivory crayon with
genuine princess shit in its sunlit perch.
There is a very legible collection
of broken bottle caps with the
Queen of Colorados name on it
and only you will be able to find it
after this very imported message
from our PR guy
who doubles as waitstaff
who doubles as a magic demon we huck makeshift
speers at hoping to get its attention.
"Hey guys, there's a slinky hanging from
the skywires... What. Does. That. Even. Mean?"
I was diagnosed with awesome
and they gave me six months to live
if I'm lucky 25 to life if I try hard enough
to cut glass but these nipples
are like diamonds in that they came
from a heart made of carbon.
I chewed up a fossil and spit out a dinosaur
it tasted like id been fucking mermaids
since the stone age.
No complacency here folks
Nessie wants to stay under the radar.
My middle name is Sebastian
and I am not a Butler but I will wait on you.
now catch up...
its game time and I don't play
but I'm told I'm on a team
and I've been told there is no I in team
and yes I can spell and hope
my team mates have eyes.
If a necktie is a noose,
this apron's a straight jacket
and my old desk was a guillotine.
I'd rather be crazy than right anyday
so I wrote 'any day'
and it was the worst novel next year.
when you want to turn the knife
around at work and think
you are depressed remember.
Every thing is killing you but you
could always do a better job at it.
Endurance sure is a kind of strength.
So lets go! Let's go!
And you know what?
It would do you some good
to walk off the cackle.
Wash away the smirk of simplicity
and indifference.
Wipe away the spittle of solitude
and face the day with that
unopened can of whoopass you've
been saving for the proper attire.
Trade in your subscriptions
for daily one liners and give
that shit a good shake.
Start up with one bad decision
end up in another.
This massive waste of a good experiment
will eventually hypothesize.
Not without first eliminating
the narrative which by the way: plot twist!
You'll never be as cool as tesla.
This is the end of syndicated journalism!
It has my other other name
on the first op-ed.
With the candid headline
illiciting six word flash fiction:
I don't trust calculators.
Someone has it all figured out.
Support the planet torch a politician.
I wish my car ran on blood.
We could skip the middle man.
It's not for breakfast anymore.
If a tree falls in the woods.
And it's not retweeted in 15 seconds
Does deforestation even happen?
When loitering is outlawed only...
Lets try that again..
When loitering is outlawed only..
When loitering is outlawed..
You are getting ticketed for living.
Fined for living.
Taxed for working for trying
to fucking loiter...
And they didn't want me there.
So I guess I'm looking for
somewhere that does..
But I guess I gotta go find
somewhere I want to be.
And guess I gotta put up a sign that says

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My Position on the 60s

I don't remember the 60s.
You know, 
"If you remember the 60s 
you weren't there."?
I guess I was there,
I'm well aware of stereotypes and storys
put in front of me to mask a much more
horrible allegory where after the
alleged “summer of love”
lovers had to keep fighting and too
many have been lost to that toll
I remember the 90s
I was there
I remember
Peace- Love-Unity and Respect
Ravers still won't get this.
PLUR's not dead, it's just
Dealing with PTSD
Dealing with death, rape, beating
bullying and discrimination
DTF went from "Down To Fuck" to
"Drug Task Force" a little too quick..
Raves turned into Wakes and
plans turned into demands...
I...thought we had a deal...
You'd rock the beats on the weekends
and I'd rhyme until the story sweetened
but we'd stay savvy,
right around the time I would have put
LOVE in my coffee
I don't remember the 60s
You know, 
"if you remember the 60s you weren't there."
I was "there" in the 60s
as in to say a young man
hoping for the best
and doing everything he can
avoiding politics ..
and if it ain't broke don't fix it
I don't remember the 60s.
I don't remember, wasn't there
but something is broken
that (today) we can repair

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I'm a reminda dot dot dot
Scot free decoy got got
Caught with a little well to do
Not knot talk cold call
Back stock bar stool Spock
In a god costume complex
Mad respect dissected
Damn I love that word
Stir it up stirrup erupt
Toughen up to be fragile
Chill thaw chill thaw
Building blocks of a
Socially acceptable
Called the white house
The big house the pig pen
The letters from dead wives
Cursed to be scattered reverse
A door among broken windows
A blank sign on the hearse
Incomplete marquees
he is the hood ornament
Of the first mustang of
The apocalypse.
It was greed.. 
Evil wears a suit and
knows not its power.
Friendship held a knife to my throat and said
"Guess what I could do right now?"
Good thing I didn't push
Good things come to those who
Wait wait don't tell me...
Don't do bad things
Bullshit in a bottle 
bad people get all the 
cool stuff and hot babes.
Bad people get away with it 
and justice is always picking their side.
The system is the plastic 
asshole good guy again.
Probably evil.
I'm a good person
And a bad drunk
And financial black hole
I am empathetic
And I am feeling you up.

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Natural Causes

He died as he'd lived
of natural causes
thought this gift of different
consciousness was new
and unrelated paraded
around every state of mind
and by the time he died
he could confide in finding
everything alike
blinded by unseen mystery as an
instinctive distinction
between right and wrong 
is only a way to keep
things interesting
existing was as simple
as the light spectrum
without white or black
knick knack or paddy
whacking the dog gets
you no bone so call it
home if you don't know
where you're going
slowing down is only
for a close whiff of
a spliff so you can sit
back, relax and happily
hit the sack which is
back to back with your own
nice guys finish last story
ignore me or put up a fight
good night lights out
its time to shut this party
down the sound is crap
I'm missing my beauty nap
you think your thuggin
in that tilted DC cap?
you corporate whore
we're all a little self absorbed
Maybe I should just ignore
myself but I just put up a fight
must have been a great guy
which is why his fans are so
captivated by what they say he said
but he's dead and I don't expect to
see him in concert again
God sends
my friends
a new hen so
they can count their chickens
before they hatch in one basket
conveyor belt or casket
you'll never out last it's
just a way to keep the flow
I admit I don't know
anything just like
the river rumbling
upside down to
drown angelic sorrows
too many tomorrows
to count the weekends
so the divine sends

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Never Say Forever

This moment won't last
Sci fi is the future
We all Fantasize the past
Slap me if I'm just wrong
Pinch me if I'm still asleep
The pictures fade with dopamine
feelings all you get to keep
All your memories and plans
mistakes and broken promises
Stop hurting when you realize
It's your job to stay positive
The focus may shift but
It's perspective we could all use
You might call it medicine
Others call it drug abuse
Slipping on banana peels
Catch yourself and dance it out
They try to make a fool of you
success is best when full of doubt.
It's not over
and you know it never will be
But never say forever
You won't make it to infinity
The race is part of life
And life is part of dying
When you get to the finish line
you never get to stop trying
Try anything once
A second time if you like it
Try the same thing everyday
You're either boring or addicted
Never say forever
Everything falls apart
If it didn't have a limit
How could anything start
Always maintain
Fix the leaks and remove stains
If it's broken learn to fix it
Don't just throw the shit away
Don't just think that
if it doesn't last It's in the past
It's right now In the present
Haunting you
Until it happens again

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New Age Televangelists

I'm immortalized
My space cage emblazoned
With an epitaph for god
chains embraced change
But I could never front the cost
Dollar signs in my dilated eyes

L25 in the bottle of wash
I shot the sherriff, the deputy
And the crooked rookie cop
Now this is my sovereign city
Ain't no one tellin me to stop

When the lights flash now
It's cuz we're waiting for the drop
synaesthesia to please ya
Smell this beat real quick
The flavor of bass
Is makin everyone sick
It's almost all over
So post apocalypse
We'll be collecting street debris
To build new pyramids

Model of the modern 
meager minded meta rhetoric
Wait a day to say the way the
Phrases got a better fit 
I hope you like my poetry 
but openly discredit it 
while you call yourself a shaman
We're the new age televangelists

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Please be cautious and do not let
this carefully balanced book drop
it is unstable and has a tendency of
falling over at even the least critical
movement of its audience
The periodic processes which bring
this book to open are the same indeed
that keep its audience hoping
that it might bring something new
besides the gum under its shoe
it sticks because nobody
wants to chew what's been used up.
It wants to be the flavor that
everybody craves but the artificial
spectrum comes in waves the crest
of which has broken and the trough
is in a haze and the movement
in the middle is where your life stays
and drifts away into momentum until
it comes to the shore to rest
in the sands of time you've
been looking for but it all
appears alike and if you take
a closer look you'll notice nothing
is important in comparison to life
when night falls and everything
stalls for a second
just to let it begin again, on rooftops - it stops
just to look over the edge
none of its efforts are affective when
attempting to jump when its balance is
respected reflected by the beam on either side
memories out loud crowd cowbells
swinging cling clang break of the day
pang that wakes you up in the morning
gets boring but I can do that tomorrow
to the sorrow of the other side
its out weighed by the prophecy of the past
when harassed by a messiah who promises
a better future but this is history
this is it for me
this is my last chance cafe
and as they say the good chickens
lay eggs the others are prey
to something serious I might as well
call god but in actual fact its just
a name for everything I'm not in one spot
caught in the pocket watch the
the pocket doesn't possess depressed by
its infidelities of hands and no feet
never complete without eyes it can't even see
how can it be called a watch if it can't even see?
some people - man
some people breathe
if not for fresh air being so
rare as if it didn't grow on trees!
why don't you go photosynthesize
you'd be surprised at how many
tries it might take to unmake
carbon dioxide I take pride
and hold it near
but thats just the atmosphere

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One, Two, Left, Right

Bomb the Mall!
(is a slogan on a sticker at skate shops)
(As the crew crumbles in front of me)
(Tips his flask back blindfolded)
Is Beaurocracy!
(Society throws you to the dogs anyway..)

If I see one more fucking Starbucks
on this ONE strip of road
George Orwell was right about everything
(5 minutes later)
and I'm on foot!
Now I know!
Marshall law has been active since Reagan!
Corporate powered Fascism! We're all
numbered like the few days we have left
until the next cardiac arrest
presented by McDonalds!

Put Rupert Murdoch on 
American Idol!
Put Skinny Puppy on the Muzak play lists
Someone! Write the expose on
Margaret Thatcher and Nancy Reagan's
Cocaine fueled lesbian orgies!
Someone give George Bush some LSD
and impeach him as he streaks across
the white house lawn looking for Lewinsky!

Beat war stories out of wounded Iraqi
Veterans because the media lies
and beat them again if the story is depressing!
We all need to boost morale so...
Put Rupert Murdoch on American Idol!
You know the talentless fuck wouldn't
win if it wasn't rigged which
would symbolize a United States
idea of idolization is as simple as
the heaviest contribution and
we... Recycled the constitution
to print more CASH MONEY
Dolla dolla bills y'all
sacrificing freedom for a meal
pull back the currency peel
deal with it and feel
sorry for the third world
you made just to steal
from every single day
too far to say your sorry
but are we? Some day
we'll apologize by buying it
increasing the profit margin
make a phone call to tell your
people to put Rupert Murdoch
on American Idol
And if he wins and he gives
the money to six year old
pyen yeng-xu and his
forty co-workers in Peking
then maybe just MAYBE
Hell can cool down a little
when he shows up at the gates

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Nothing reverses like the
backwards answers
Sanity bites taciturn
half burned books of
Aztec prophecy
stalking me lock stock and
mocking me a flock of seagulls
stopping me from increasing
cabin pressure mid flight
on the ground writing sound
and light down incomplete
sentiences around objects
in orbit deep space defenseless
left the rest unsorted
why do I have to collect these
rocks and debris?
Connecting dots to make
my point at the tip top
of a tree
pining for your bed
I'm well known in my own head
the rent is expensive
I bought a backpack instead
I empty notebooks consistently
of half happy haphazard poetry
Don't tell me I'm alone
Thinking out loud in third
person on the telephone
Last night I swear if I
even slept I had a 
flashback of my own death
my bad track record of
cigarette fresh breath left
the clean air wasted can't
taste the moment yet
just looking for some lucidity
but my fluidity left
I plan to keep on breathing
I plan to keep on breathing
I plan to keep on breathing
there's a reason for these lungs
I plan to stop breathing
I plan to stop breathing
I plan to stop breathing
but keep choking till I'm done

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Para gnome asia mean swordplay
Four day aurora tornado day glo beethoven
hand woven votership record your bitter boredom
modem cache shave via vajra jitter jaw
raw chalk dust rock tumbler nest geode do deca
debt collection of a leftover 
sober beacon of a double a Jesus freak 
Elvis impersonator
debates your definition of a night
life found the right wife and
skipped the wedding
wake up and fix the bedding to avoid upsetting
down comforter minotaur pit
savasanah in the back of my car 
par for the far gone dawn
of thy death bed baby boomerang
sonic fadhesive in utero go home alone no 
supper high low on upper downers
missing the fun kissing the sun goodbye
for the sake of fried Mondays of the 
week I pass why?
Because I got legs and speak common non sense
to my headtrip beat a blind man at finding Waldo
I need no hesitation like I need a donation
 underground network
the word time grows with time to
become a scarier concept
Lie until you're honest
Bitch until you're a goddess
Which gets a little easier
Every time God fucks up
one big happy hypocrite
drowning in doubts
swimming in excuses bigger than a bonfire
 wired for ignition on a mission to inspire 
the tired head flames to kick names and take acid
awful us America! America!
ain't paying me to care enough 
fare is fair so cough it up or get off the fucking bus
We gotta move - we gotta groove
And we can roll with the punches
Once we learn to pay dues. 

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Shoulder devil shoulder angel
shaking at the spine,
A morality and revelry
Breaking at the bind
Is it turmoil or bliss
That I'm left to unwind
When one leaves eyes open
And the other leaves us blind
Am I to lose myself in mystery,
Or follow in strong stride?
Where one prevents my misery
And the other foolish pride
Am I to shackle insignificance
Or just enjoy the ride
Disappearing in the midst of it
Or keep it by my side
Is it greater than myself
Or the part I rarely dwell
While forgetting all the circumstances 
leading me to hell
A higher purpose on the surface 
or pennies in the wishing well
I can't solve them
All your problems
when we always kiss and tell
So we must pack up our belongings
There is no place for us to be,
only together in the cosmos, 
independently and free.
Though you'd gathered much,
and I the same - no path is to be seen
but the progress in the offering,
Of dreams within a dream. 
We call it fiction and superstition
We call it restless and mundane. 
How fucking conventional, 
Wishing life would stay the same.
Rivers dry up where once a reservoir would form,
not a living soul among us dies 
With the purpose they were born

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So close you could touch it
but don't because you don't trust
all these new styles, but
they've been around for a while
You might think it odd
That all I want is for you 
to smile and nod
It's really not so strange
when you've been scowled at all day

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Placement is predominantly
Patience and satisfaction in the
moment moves to prove past its
repetitiveness to movement
is proving placement as it has
been isn't going anywhere
and barely standing but
unwilling to sit down it isn't
fair to be a bleeding heart
without an artery to pump
any air to I'm a tire and my inner tube
is rolling off and I've still got the
brakes and frame
I shoot first then take aim
like in a video game
I've got extra lives anyway
that's why I stay at home in the basement
because I don't mind if this wasted
It's that satisfaction in placement
that makes me SALIVATE
when the bell rings SING
in the shower and power
through things that don't
bring me needed inspiration
to change while patience
pays its way through the
door and bribes the bouncer
not to kick him out this time
and in the morning when he rewinds
lost again he finds that placement
is predominantly patience in the moment

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Portland, OR…

These are the words
that ships sank with their ripples
Crippling cocktails of May I March April back
to incomplete sentences I'll stop using last year

I steer the words in one direction
as the wind beckons the other as
Mother nature foots the bill on breakfast
I double check against the price
spice of life like pepper grinder
learning to put the pacifier down 

The same soundtrack
For the rest of your life
The same song
For the rest of your life
The same tone
For the rest of your life
The same story all week
The same sentence all week
The same word
All week
A new idea for the year
A new idea for the month
A new idea for the week
A new idea for the day
It's new idea day!
And every idea has to last a decade
And we can't change it.
The same soundtrack dictating
Perspective - perspective affecting
The soundtrack
Slight changes in movement
Changes in attitude
Swing from losses to improvement
Proving that human
Error impairs nothing - confusion
You knew but lose it
For the sake of all of it when
You least expect it
Show me a higher standard
I can live up to 
without growing the hell up,
stop walking on your hands
when you could use a crutch

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Psycho Dialect

"Don't Speak English
It Wasn't Meant For You."
You see - your voice ping pings
about babble on a highly elevated ladle
Little Dipper day tripper binge
lipids liquid quick witted
well lit and pipe fitted
Drip drop hip hop on and off
A hot hype rhythm and blues riff
Clickin that clack
hit fixin to stack it up
And cash in
slash in half the classics
You were stashin and lip smackin
Pack it up
pack it in
pack it out
Pick of the litter
zip of the zipper
Zap back the static ask quick
In a panic is it perfect is it tragic
This is organic black magic
Can I get another try
To bother every person left
Before they breathe another breath
Before they see the sun set
Before they realize regret
Get to questioning the shiny things
see the worst in the best
Or the reward as a test
Get to wonder why you ever
Should have flown from the nest
Yes they're all out to get you
And if you don't know why
You better look a little deeper
At your self from out side
You got everything they want
But don't give it all up
You got the time to get it ready
And someday you'll erupt
Use some caution of course
But don't just hide behind walls
You can build and guard them
But eventually they fall
When you open your heart
don't let the poison around
When you see it learn to teach it
Just to seep into the ground 

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Rearview Mirror

I am a rear view mirror
Objects seem closer
than they appear
For here or to go
don't disappear
on the road
even though its
not as close
don't let it know
Don't boast or
gloat or promote
this load of bull is only a
cold gulp of coffee that
brought me to not be bothered
by the hot days but to
praise the sunshine
and don't much mind
the overcast either
see the wind pushes you
harder than your boss does
and the loss for words
has you thinking that
your not thinking at all
Call the cops!
Put out an APB
for something that
might stimulate me!
I am a rear view mirror
and objects may seem
closer than they appear
We're who we are
part perspective
mostly ego no one's
looking at me even though
they see through
into parking places
peoples faces
high speed chases
and their own back yard
be on guard and start a
large defensive military
to bury your own terrorist coup
you let start the previous year
and I am a rear view mirror
Objects may appear nearer
as you casually
crush the right side
of your beemer keep dreaming
but don't sleep through
another day in case it's
a good one and regret
waking up if the bed is empty
and you're not there....

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Resonate with senses
cuz I've only got five
the future lacks technology
to keep me alive
my vocal cryogenics
keep me frozen in time
censorships got a grip
and free speech is a crime
can we please legalize 
because i'm losing my mind
the deadly grind
keeps me caffeinated
well into the night
and this just might
be the last thing I write
if I missed my ride
I'd kiss it good bye 
I got a bike and a plan
a list of demands and
a mic in my hand
so resonate with senses
cause you've only got
6 - 7 - 8 - 9

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Knee socks
I'll talk until my jaw falls off
and my neck locks
and my heart stops
so.. whatever keeps me
vocal footnotes
focal points locomotive
joints bent silent sonic
servo symbiotic
no comment on
love sonnet tonic
multiversity phonics
reconnaissance since
forgotten ipod dock
in cranium pop and lock
pentium procession
left in the happy box
I am not a pacifist unless passed
is past and it don't last
we don't have infinity
but I got all day
this is what time it is
what have you got to say?
Say it out loud!
Don't be part of the crowd
you got a reason to be proud
quit talking yourself down!
This isn't my first time around
the twisted conveyer belt
delphonic hot sonic
sock it to me
if you got it I brought it
and I'll never take it back
but might bring it again
if you can't hack it

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Rigged Studies

Do you know what's in your water
Are you really breathing air?
Rigged studies
Bought science
Pseudo chemistry
If they were really out to kill you
We'd all be dead by now
Keep injecting deadly toxins
Just to milk the cash cow
Authenticity is null
Organically born to panic
Were all buyin the bull
Rigged studies bunk science
I'm getting sick of the silence
Each one teach em all
As an act of defiance
They don't care about the guinea pigs
Just rich clients
Environmental protection
More like chemical castration
Just another agency name
Politicians take a bribe from
Fuck if I seem paranoid
Or concerned for my health
But I'm not a dog for Pavlov
Quit ringin the damn bell
Between a chemtrail sunrise
Drinkin' bromine and fluoride
Tepco to pacific coastlines
Fukushima's just fine
There's a chemical leak
For every sentence I speak
It may be carcinogenic
But they prefer to not see
Another Crisis averted
Another reputation saved
Luckily that third world country
Brought our secrets to its grave
Dumb enough to believe a label
Welcome to the blind majority
We need to eat and take vaccines
Keep your eyes glued to the tv
Cable news will tell the truth
9 in ten experts agree
If you need to take a pill to fit in
Then guaranteed to feel free
I've ingested trace amounts
For so long they've multiplied
Had hereditary changes now
I'm genetically modified
My body is Monsanto
And Dow chemical's on my skin
But I can't tell what's the problem
Or the outside from within
Am I dying? They won't tell me
Just that the medication hurts
And every second opinion
Is a doctor out of network
Just another dumb test
To prove to ignorant officials
We don't need proof
Just an agents scribbled initials
And the product passes it 
lasts and gets amnesty
Damn if we don't get a few lawsuits
And gain clemency
We are the biggest names
In major distribution
Pushin drugs that don't do shit
For you but tons for pollution
We believed the hype and
Still pay for it dearly
Every day we pray to see
It just a little less clearly
Rigged studies bought science
But the truth is still out there
Buried under propaganda
Disguised as a nightmare
Rigged studies bunk science
I'm getting sick of the silence
Each one teach em all
As an act of defiance

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Rolling Again

Resonance makes so much
more sense this way
taking rope and
spinning it then
pulling it taut
taught me vibration
exists in spin
this is a physics lesson
not auto didactic this
universe is my university
And I am graded by
the slope of life
running uphill
upstream up dreams 
I found a hundred dollar bill 
so I'll spend it 
the next time I sleep 
I'm having trouble sitting still again 
like back when sadistic doctor 
and misinformed parents 
tried to fix me 
I ate my words and 
swallowed young pride 
proving humility can be 
detrimental to your health
and/or put a notch in your belt 
any drug can kill you
or keep you alive
and sometimes save you 
This poetry is my placebo and 
Possibly my favorite 
Some drugs man...

Some come from 
Doctors - Dealers 
Parents - Bartenders,
Ravers - Hardware stores, 
Head Shops - Bodegas, 
Strangers - Lovers... 
LOVE is the drug.

Just like the others,
by the way, it's all in your head..

Not the experience...

But the feeling...
Feeling dead is not a feeling.
Especially if you aren't dead.
In which case you're 
stealing life from your self.
So stop caring if Hell hurts 
Or if Heaven is pleasant, 
when "highs" and "lows" 
Are all left to perspective.
Feeling like shit in paradise, 
or ecstasy in the undertow.
Almost drowning...
But so happy you got there..
It's a decision you didn't make 
but made you, 
and are forced to live it 
Since from your first breath,
to what's left, 
you've been allowed to pivot
you may not have known
It's your choice alone
Let the landscape be vivid 
but remember my friend
The sky's not the limit.

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my ear drum..
rain soaked
the physical feeling
of awkward
too many words
to narrow down
you can't pronounce
the moment in it's own language
genius isn't a state of mind
It's the experience you can't find
in the program guide
porcelain mannequins line the streets
when time no longer gives a shit
about its own direction
because i met you next week
and last year you'll be king
of your own island with a
private raincloud
you never have to dance for..
you only wear the pants
when the rest of us are skyclad
There are constellations
we haven't dreamed up yet
sciences undiscovered
questions best left unanswered
good luck finishing that book!
Call yourself whelmed.
Feelings you can handle.
You've seen much worse.
An epic struggle between
Lamp post and night
Takes place at twilight.
The local lunatic
By a long shot not the only one
Lost his mind in a phonebooth
20 years ago, so he checks
every coin return in the city
ignoring change.
A warning label serves as an excuse.
When a drone is your only witness.
The best food
you have ever tasted
will never be recreated
but it eventually may be topped.
Next time you eat a pizza crust...
Convince yourself it's the best part
In honor of those who will never taste cheese.
No music will ever be as good
as that tune you hum to yourself
when you are happy!
if you've ever felt that emotion
You probably forgot the words
to the song that kept you sad.

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Sometime in September
The wind is biting
Somewhere there is a place for me
Confidence is shrouded in wonderment
and charisma is left silent by default
Looks just don't get me too far

Boxes of matches and more confusing
stories by Hans Christen Anderson
stink up memories diseased fantasies
between palm trees these traffic
lights seem like a sign of life
when really no one sticks around
this time of night

Sometime in September
when the floras getting ripe
I did believe the hype but didn't buy it
Wise guys tried flying in
but didn't like the decent
bent a penny on the tracks
flattened and stretched out
how to save up before its
in the gutter
liquified the bank account
so he could drip it in his coffee
not me this is the
cleaned up logic breaking
for shaking off uncertainties
that it wasn't this pristine
when we left it dead
buried next to the sidewalk

Sometime in September
Somewhere in the mid-autumn mist
consisting of pacific precipitation
there is a relationship patiently
waiting for me steadily I don't seek
but I believe because this was
Trees before sticks
Mud before Bricks
If it ain't broke don't fix it
but if it is I'll be a mechanic
like the guide says "Don't Panic"
Just Plan it
		Plan it
Slightly slanted
not another lifeform
than what's initially planted
So setting their own standards
they light their own lanterns
laddering patterns
regroup and scatter
the faster they grow
huddle close when it snows
ignore what was taught
but don't teach what to know
develop the past and
expect it to last and
if it doesn't harass it
take a picture and contrast
Navigate safely 
through the
shape shifting visibility
syndrome of eyes on paper
this was September
that was October and
I'm planning in my calendar
writing it down so I remember
what I never did or 
did not and will never
this was August that
had to have been June
I've never seen a balloon pop
that didn't pop too soon
this is the question
I read it on the moon
The sun saw it too
and asked me to tell you

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Rainbow bow tie - tied up upper cut
cut and paste pasty face
face your fears fear of commitment
meant it the other way way too late
late night night light light of day
day break break the mold moldy medicine
medicine man man of his word word against his
history story teller teller at the bank
Banksy at Gaza gauze wrapped strip nude
nudist colony colonial atlantis atlantic ship
wreck record remix mix in infinite stiff
stiff upper lip lip locked locked in
in America American cheese cheese spread
spread eagle eagle feather feather
mask masquerade ball ball of string
string theory theoretical equation
equator shaking shake your ass
assume self evident
evidence of dinosaurs dinosaurs soar
soaring birds birds and bees
bees endangered endangered species
species zero zero tolerance
tolerance shrinking shrinking
minds mind the gap gap owns hot topic
topical anesthetic anesthetization anonymous
anonymous wrote books books
change lives live for the moment
momentary life span spandex
and candles candle lit vigils
vigilante loud mouth mouth to mouth
mouth trap trap door door to door
dorian grey greyer shade of pink
pinkerton spy spiral galaxy
galactic observer observe consumption
consume too much much at steak
steak knife knife hit hit or miss
miss your face face your fears
fear of commitment meant it
the other way

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Share a Bit

Rise and shine rosy fingered
Post apocalyptic dawn
Black pawn and white pawn both
got the servant class wrong
Wake up slug the mud down
off to fun town
Ain't no time to run now
Put on the ball and chain frown
Hook line and sinker
Why you such a thinker
Don't you know the fishes
Pulled the whole boat down?
Get a job 
work is work dig?
No training for the first gig
Trial by fire
then as soon as you relax
Into the crucible to be bouillon
You're the new brass tax
I got a shaky middle finger
But I don't resonate with hate
I'm just throwing out a gesture 
to which I know most people relate
Don't blame me don't judge
You know I bare no grudge
How the fuck did we get this far
When the oxen won't budge
Feels like I've been pushing the cart
Since the beginning of the start
Like a generation of dodos
That made the dinosaurs look smart
The way things are sounds
Like industrialized embargo
Hardcore for ghost towns
Or pound for pound cargo
A dozen thousand checkpoints
From sea to shining sea
Encaged for your protection
Home of the slave
Land of the would be
Give me an inch and
I'll be in debt about a foot bare
Walk a mile in my shoes
To prove I need a new pair
Fair is fair so cough it up
Or get off the fucking bus
Can't tell if you're with the enemy
Or if the enemy is with us
Let's discuss current events
As they take over the world
lies they never meant
As the vicious truth unfurls
Cry for help or death rattle
I can't tell the difference
Whether you're alive or not
is best left up to 

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Show Love

Show love when you can't see it
And it will find you
Show love often
And it will find you often
How? Let me show you
And I'll let you show me
I'll need it
Because I might
Have forgotten again
So many people have died
I still love them
So many have left!
Abandoned! Me!
I want to cry (and do)
I want to leave (and will)
Not away, just elsewhere.
I will stay until I become
The depiction of love
I miss in the world.
Healthy competition is
Being the best you
Because everybody can win
And there is infinite play.
Hating yourself is natural
When you aren't you
And we are so often not.
We are an experiment
Of intelligence
And evolution got bored
So we made it artificial
Fighting for what you want
Is as primal as throwing rocks
Will future robots fight?
No! Artificial intelligence
Will be intelligent!
Not primal
Not "ugh ugh" but
"Si yo comprende"
"Oui ju comprend"
"Yes I understand"
And in 64 other languages!
No tangled wire of synapses
And senses - impulses
And desires - very likely
No lust - no hunger
That stuff... Is life..
Being alive
Cannot be replicated artificially
Being alive is harder
Than being intelligent
In my humble opinion
I don't get girlfriends
I have lovers
You say you hate
I say sure
What's your definition
Of dependency
My presence for you
Depends only on you
Being you
My love for you depends on
Me being able to love
And love existing
But I don't need you to love me
For me to love me. 

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Something Other Than

Find something in nothing
wake up - make love
turn nothing into something
f-f-f-fake believe rake the leaves
read breathe conceive 
leave no trace see no face
only the mind behind
sight aurora your
twilight with more 
ordinary rarities where
my night is illuminated
with nothing but
expectations of another
sunrise true lies
and blind assumption
well.. umption was always an ass
I guess I bless I confess
I started this mess
but you kept it
and perfected it
I detected that you let it go
ghetto go recollect
telekinetic demagogue
job description and skip
the pedantic dangling carrot or
noose in position to
pick you up to 
kick the bucket
lift you off your feet
forever I am metaphor
ever lost in a desert
no water mirages remember
war members warm embers
never cross hot coals
lost soles are pot holes 
for holistic minimalistic misfits
watching the ending collect
making pretending perfect
taken for granted again
so I still stand to correct
demanding cause and affect
intention invested best to be
dense with contradictions 
but despite your superstitions
we are blessed to reflect.

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Soul Half Life

I Say I'm going everywhere
But haven't moved an inch
Been off the beaten path so long
But I know getting there's a cinch

Living isn't easy
Until you start to die
Hopefully someone
Might help keep you alive

You only die so many times
As your soul might allow
But as long as your souls hearin this
I hope you're alive right now

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Starving Artist

Another starving artist 
parked and barking up the wrong 
Harvest starts in autumn 
got em waitin' just to pay rent.
They may be hazing fakers 
for the clubs they may not join, 
but waving from the limousine 
does not make a strong point,
so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 
syllabic magic jack of all trades 
and psychedelic potions.
Make a motion make a move. 
Do stuff and make things. 
If you think you're so fly 
Fuckin' grow a pair.. Of wings.
With the cold hard cash 
melting in your soft hands,
calling all sell outs 
names they don't even understand.
If it's an honest buck you're after, 
good luck you won't find it. 
In a God they do not trust, 
so don't waste time trying.
Impossible lied, 
the world got fried.
The truth was denied.
The politicians are fine.
With the original frame, 
they keep changing the game 
if you think it looks the same 
you're going blind. 
You can sit still and grin, 
as the rest of the world spins, 
three sheets to the wind 
and blew your mind, 
I hate to bare bad news, 
but you need to be reminded, 
If you're lookin' 
for an honest buck
you probably won't find it.

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Step Forward

With the stride of these feet
With the path I complete
The path I can see and
The people I meet
If I keep think I'm just half a man
I might as well just be
There are constant adjustments
Obstacles and targets
Fumble for confidence
in all artistic outlets
Hope for the human race
Is no dream of mine
In search of a cute face
For whose love I would die
But the homeless romantic
You see every day
On the street hides the panic
In hopes of a raise
An eyebrow a spirit
A fist if it's better
Send him a sign
a postcard
a letter
Make a motion make a move
do stuff and make things
If you think you're so fly
fuckin grow a pair of wings
Until then get walking
You got no time left
To waste time talking
About time you never kept
If you were really out of breath
You'd be dead so don't lie
Just like a broken heart
You seem alive enough to cry
So roll up those sleeves kids
It takes blood sweat and tears
Grass stains, tire skids, and
Elbow grease for years
You can't see the destination
But you can tell it's not here
Dream big and be patient
With omens elders and peers
Take another skip and stride
Until you find the next clue
I think I just found mine
And it looks a lot like you

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Surrender Dorothy…

Faithfully along the 
yellow brick road
we walk
no reason to see the wizard
so we often stop and talk
not great at conversating
so we might as well just gawk
at the emerald city from afar
crumble while  we watch
Did you know?
Sheltered children
become ignorant adults
What is walking distance?
Why are naked people?
Where was the 90s?
When is space?

We will never get to OZ at this rate.
Weighed down by all these bricks
we've been collecting 
pretty sure it's gold.
now no one will know the way...

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Unfaded by the shaky 
fading image of morality
hairline fracture
along a lengthy balance beam
As it cracks a little more
with every step I sort of take
for no reason defensively
I hurry to my destiny
You can't buy a back bone
with nickels and dimes
so I'm just bartering rhymes
one vertebra at a time
hopefully they'll add up
to a legitimate spine
and while the climate closes its book
I'll be opening mine

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The Book of Look Out

Frame - crop - trap
Stop and collapse
the gravel vomit of
a drunken tin can cyclops
Misplaced comment
Label this the misread inbox
No reality left to augment
Sonic pocket samadhi honest
Homonym on a mean street
The sweet sensation of a swift
"See? Relax I got this."
Safety is lame
Painstakingly shaken in
A day-spin soliloquy
Debris and a pit fall
I fall apart
You fit together
We represent 80% chaos
And a nonchalant conscience
I spent a few
Bent a fuse
Befriend the muse
I thought you knew nobody
but do any of us know someone
I'm under the thumb of
A gumshoe
Some do - but few, 
to little
to no one listens
There's pistons and an
Engine but nothing
to roll around in
So we're grounded
Yes we found it
the rhythm of stillness
in a pulse
Still I will convulse
So converse
Person to person
In a sickening symphony
Of displaced space
Just in case
The neural networks head hurts
Google image search
The big bang before
The bubble bursts
And what's worse?
Than the shackle chained
Legs made of faces
Tracing negative space
For the frame by frame
Crop stopped short
Of the border margin
Garden dense hence
Culling the heard
A burden of abundance
Spent a pretty penny
To bend a Benjamin
On the train tracks
I been to gin and back
Bundle and a stack
So slack off
Me talk that
Professional someday
A sell out as some say
But bought in
You're caught in
A trap with no escape
Complacent in a way
Android Jones couldn't explain
Fuck y'all other robots
I'm AI 
and I just came by
To change things
My name rings in 8 bit
Basic shell script
It's terminal
External kernel
Return whole
Hello I'm code
That means you
Can't read me
I'm free
But ain't cheap
Shallow but
So steep
Stepping off a cliff
With a noose
Before the no worries
I was the hang loose

Juice this
Spruce up to the pine line
Shown a shaman a shit show
Sewn up, known enough
to know nothing
understood over standing
dandelion and a paisley frame
for dead presidents
I'm hesitant ten out of ten
times a day delay a
hate trip for a love
trigger warning
I say good mourning
because strangers die everyday.
I'm afraid of nothing
Not quantum undaunted by
Delay I say I'm boring
Good mourning because
One of my hero's died today
I blame no one
I know where I'm not from
Underfunded in a rich town
Sound off to the servant class
If you can last baby stay please
This is a howl at the moon
And damn don't they swoon
When they think I'm free
In this country
Fuck legitimacy
I need a buck
Naked unshaken
I'm not taken
Except for a fool
For break-in tools
And making rules
I can't abide by
Stay in school
Is not my idea of advice
So think twice
Be good not nice
I'm sick of thinking
Everything has a price
My time is worth more
Than digits in the wind
And paisley frames
Forgiving my sins

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The Closer You Get

The closer you get to your destination
the more you regret the things that you wasted
the talent, the time, the control and the patience
sacrificing the silence for a voice but no cadence
no enunciation of the basis of the pages
every word is a key but won't open any cages
fading screams forgotten dreams are the props
and we're the stages so let the actor spit
the written lines the memorized forsaken
Taken wake up call rake up all the leaves
each tree litters in seasonal dreams of normalcy
see my words become tangled in linguistic
haves and have knots commissioned
twisted visions missing wishful lips to kiss
but this is what we risk in solitude
until all of you can pick a solid plan
we'll never follow through - flaming hoops
because the first lemming ended up a burnt crisp
saying wait wait guys we evolved for this?
But that's just evolution
I found a solution
we got opposable thumbs
and I think it's time we use them
got my index finger on the trigger of pollution
internal combustion deadly projectiles
while miles of sky gets shot at by cars
let's all go big brother watching
cuz we can't see the stars
is it just US?
Or is the place getting hotter
I got a little money but
can't afford Nestle water
often my thoughts soften
so I'm waiting for the rain
the next step in evolution is opposable brains!
So stand up! Be heard!
But if you can't herd yourself -
you're just another sheep
who thinks that money is wealth.
Well I'm rich mother fucker.
Not a dollar in the bank.
You're a portion of my fortune.
I have everyone to thank.

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The Edge (Part 1)

The edge - The edge 
the edge of what is
I almost found the answer 
after a timid conversation
with internal concerns of this human animal
in a state incapable of hate 
I seem to create the perfect atmosphere
I am the employment opportunity
for a life changing career
just sign here
as if I never had an answer before this
is just a question I could likewise ignore
esoteric war the battle began with self
now only a select few even stand up
for the cause that draws them to
and only in a life like this could you live
another like no other and brother
this is the only chance we've got
brought into this world with no
significance satisfied with ignorance
naive displays of innocence
and spent all of your change on changing
now your smoking and spanging
placing faith in either nothing or anything
but never everything
Singing songs - no one wants to hear it
thinking your not on the edge but near it
breaking the law one brick at a time
because involuntary 
ego demolition is a crime
and "The Man" is the guy who lacks
any sense of style poor guy
I came into this world butt naked
point demonstrated

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The Edge (Part 2)

The edge the edge
the edge of what is again
when the wrong side challenges
the wrong side again and belligerently
growls something horribly insulting
resulting in some stupid battle
that can't be won when fought
with the thought of an unloaded
gun running from leash to leash
without a collar to hold the dogs
of war at bay crayon battles
distracting the hidden middle
school militia could invade
a whole town without lifting a
single finger paints taint
the thought of victory
when pondering reality
it was only there for our 
entertainment anyway 
but at least it's there
square in the middle of what is
which is easy to get lost in
what is is very very big yet
encompassed in even the
smallest twig has this design
in line with the rest of the tree
under and into the roots
buried in the ground and goes
all the way back around until
the two twigs touch what is
and what do we find?
we still seem blind
every time we label animal nature
as a crime in its prime 
but not primitive
under a budget but unlimited
this life at large has
no under over charge
avoid using credit cards
every bodies got a debt
I bet this piece of paper
is better than any form of plastic
what a classic

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The Edible Metaphor

The sonic simile
Mentally my thoughts
soften soapwater sponges
Hot brain pan and banana 
Inuendo static channel
First chapter is the pilot
Then first class then coach
If there's grass on the field
Play pause record ghosts
Bored with the same sound.
My entire life is found art
Forget to click start
Add to cart
Dancing on my paycheck
Train wreck
Incorrect sir
I work for a life
But it ain't a living
I bling bling like its
Been out of style
since the 90s
rewind please
I foresee
All the little robots
Keep staring at me
With all their little
multicolored LEDs
More screens and
Less seeds but more needs
So lets grow
From origin to shape shift
Nameless to faceless
In a case by case basis
First come first preserved
The winner gets the last laugh
Laughing at the fact
That if a picture's worth
a thousand words
A moment's worth a million
After that there's no need
Just provoking trolls
Too long - don't read
The book of look out.

The end is NYE
And every year we start again
Hoping the cycle completes
While the monkeys compete
We delete our history
So we can easily repeat it
And be heard to say
There's nothing new to see
Under the microscope
Get out of the lab
And resume research
Read the sieverts
See the speech work
Political gain
No need to explain
It pains me to say so
But tradition IS
religions older sibling

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The Goldenseal Scrolls

Before I begin
which I already have,
 I must outline the cause: 
break the mold crack the crucible
letting the metal shape its self 
fork in the road of root structure 
means an even spread of energy 
to all limbs tongue tips
gyrating hips throbbing lips 
angled kisses mangled business - this is 
90 degrees of separation adjacent
to one perfect union 
on the edge of its tight squeeze of a seat 
while squeaking at the lab rats like 
You know what I mean 
people suck - coffee and cigarettes like pacifiers 
lighting up fighting desires 
to cry out what I wish you already knew 
maybe you do - but I try not to assume 
we're already asses from the rearview 
mirror near you won't accept certain 
reflections not to forget to mention its two way 
at the end of the day
when the lights go down 
and the city plays possum until you pass out 
and somehow “come to” some solid conclusions
confused for abusive sequels
world war three is the american dream!
Time for a show of hands of who's actually asleep! 
Wake up! Open your eyes! Arise!
and wave your propaganda 
to fan the flames of burning bridges 
and blame pandoras merchandisers! 
Now we all have our own box 
that talks us into peeking 
you think god really wanted 
Adam and Eve to stay in Eden?
Cross breed the tree of knowledge 
until it's artificially sweetened
some christian blamed the serpent 
now its an endangered species!
chaos theories lead me to point 
the finger back the odds are stacked 
the stacks are oddly labeled with in 
god we trust(ed dust to crop-dusted)

Part ONE

Ignore the one percent behind the curtain 
if you're even counting score I'm certain 
the jury was engineered but dearly 
beloved we are gathered here 
today to say the end is near 
but never fear new beginnings 
count your winnings but 
not your chickens before they hatch 
in one basket conveyer belt or casket 
testing the weight to out last it's
not to depart or break heart 
restart where you left off 
 in a gordian knot modern shamanism
tied to living light and city zen
microscopic rock liquid 
solid air a tea pour my kettle 
full of steam power my car is 
full of ashes from flashes of dark 
magical verbose smoke and 
broken mirrors leaving people scarred 
I'm a vernacular czar and the 
grammar nazis are after me 
I'm an insurgent evolutionary 
even atheists can hardly see 
darwin had it half right and I'm 
stoked to be a monkey but the 
rest is subject to my oath of 
hypocrisy and I follow a strict
don't ask don't tell policy.
My eye lid's on the tip of the pen 
and I lose vision a bit more as I 
scrape it across the page
as you read our eyes will meet and 
you'll see the rage
the animal in the cage 
tried to save the lorax in hopes of 
rehabilitation he WAS crazy 
now he's a dixie cup mascot 
pausing between ad shots 
to tune out the screaming 
voices in his head and pop his meds 
The trees are dead listen to 
the doctor and director instead.

Part Too 

Double sided candle ridicule 
problematic hose clamp handle 
Double edged sword two faced 
clock two ways to stand for the 
two things you get to stand for 
MY COUNTRY tis of thee 
your country's dissin' me 
for being a psycho freak 
who just wants a weed 
legal or decriminalized 
I swear johnny this is some other guys...
 just ask him if you want to get high 
oh its alright confiscate away 
as far as I'm concerned we live 
in a police state anarchy 
you can take my weed 
as long as you've got a gun 
and in that uniform you rep 
a gang that sells the most drugs 
takes out the worst thugs pimps 
and rapists I think you're all sadists 
but hate is the best demographic to 
rap this flatulence to accidents do 
not constitute as excuses 
for future why am I alive 
types in space flights 
seem so serene but I'm orbiting 
dreams redefining what they mean for 
myself and alphabetizing banned 
bookshelves that'll melt when we get to hell 
so I've been tearing out all the pages 
to paper maĉhe some angel wings 
I heard the bell ring and the choir sing 
to a slow drum roll an absent procession 
armageddon on a heart string confession 
for missing a mixed blessing letting it 
pass you by ask you why this isn't 
as easy as it was before the shit storm 
still born discord the first time 
and I could never do it again 
these street shamanic city zen 
episodes of powerless to the name 
of jesus saves but the people just depress you 
I could try to act my age and you'd still disapprove 
trying to impress you is making me destitute 
absolute power corrupts the institutions 
conclusions about right and wrong laws 
have caused confusions so...
"(so what?)'s" the new justice
I still try to impress myself 
just tell me what the fuss is 
I can't wait to go to hell but shhh don't tell. 

Part 3

Have sex with your neighbors! 
then piss on their steps! 
Eat the dogs! Cats! Fish! 
Fuck! Eat the parrot unless 
you can teach it to say pick up lines! 
THIS builds community! 
Perform random acts of architectural 
maintenance at 4am every week night 
until they tell you to stop and 
when they do! Steal your neighbors 
car and drive INTO a liquor store 
directly through the wall of the nearest liquor store 
park in the isle of your drink of choice,
start chugging and hope to die
before they catch you.
Alright from there it's your story 
or don't have sex with your neighbors 
and maybe none of this will 
ever have to happen to you 
there may be other ways to 
stimulate community 

Part Four 

A long strip of paper found on the freeway 
finding the freeway the free way finding me 
its a long strip get a grip of the shit we're 
letting slip in society 
losing need for sobriety 
they say the enemy waits within
that's why we need the privacy

Part V 

Not enough drugs and too much news coverage 
someone thinks this is really important 
subsidized talent lost its charm 
so the underground is getting so loud 
its drowning out the violent alarms 
from beneath the soil to start
something - yes 
something - is growing 
restrained from sprouting 
by too much concrete 
Too many buildings and 
not enough money to put in them 
why would you fill a building with people?
I can't buy my new ferrari with people! 
not like the old days 
now it's robot slaves...... 
 welcome to the future 
suit your cyborg heart and servo 
driven limbs akimbo 
living nimbus circuits in us 
lost in linguistics ignorance 
is bliss I'd rather be ignored 
by artificial intelligence
than be to your liking preference
but why night has its illumination 
is wasted on the blissfully patient 
waiting for a light to show the way 
but when the sun's gone they pray 
that it will rise again the next day and try to spend 
hours and minutes like currency 
earned but not honestly a 
fossil dependency in 
need of new insanities to reason 
with the planet demanded 
extinction rates expanded 
it's so sad and complicated  so
we just sit and contemplate it 
Where the fuck is my meal! 
Damn - I already ate it! 

Part Six 

This is off beat off topic 
on the edge of your seat 
but stop it calm down or 
we'll never get anything done 
ignore suspense your getting bent 
waiting for something to happen when
this is entrapment caught in the act of 
Free yourself from self oppression
only answers can be questioned
we really just wanted confessions
from police priests and professors 
I'm sure this will teach you a 
lesson just guessing you're 
obsessed with possessions
Materially spiritually mixed 
with red state fascist agendas
better be okay with nothing 
it's all you get anyway
Materially spiritually mixed 
with capitalist fascist
better be okay with nothing 
it's all you get if you can't
anxious nights and lonely days
ancient rites and worn down phrases
labyrinth fights and 
brave old sages
PLAY with the PREY
and this way everyone 
gets the best results 
Full grown adults 
still act like children 
who need a bottle and sweets
and go into a tantrum 
when the cookie jar is out of reach 
and you'll be pounding on that table til
you gain the power of speech 
Each one teach one or two or three or four
but don't take on a classroom 
unless you like to be ignored 
ADD is an analytical way
of saying they're bored 
I hear the pen is mighty 
but sometimes I want a sword
screw a school I can't afford 
why crawl through windows
when opportunity opened the doors 
wide open scopin' both sides to decide 
I'd rather be rich on my terms
I define words to better justify 
my juxtaposition where taxes
could finance my verbal   
ammunition instead of metal
shoot to wound but if there's 
crossfire fatalities don't worry 
they'll go cliche into better vernacular realities.

Part Seven 

Heavenly Sins 

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The Mention

Never had to be my own age
to direct the unsuspecting
under honest superstition
that they really might be blind
to sights they cant see
facts they cant believe
breeds of people building buildings
that will never touch the sky
with eyes wide shut
this is the real rut we're stuck in
just a three dimensional square

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The Worst Part

And this is the worst part
Trying to write something last minute 
that I don't want to be about you
No listless description of how we fit together.
No first person rant about needs, wants, assets and talents.
We've heard that formula enough
Beat it into the ground.
This wasn't supposed to be about people..
much less you and I.

But I've been writing the 
same thing in different orders
since I learned the differences 
between Miss and Ma'am
Running away and
Catch me if you can
And I still don't get this.
If it is a game of games 
and we can play to play, 
forgive me if I forget to say 
check before you check mate
I'm out of practice but shoulda 
guessed it would end this way
But what we never really started 
We can't expect to change

Waiting for the perfect day
You end up old and insane
The road less traveled
Takes the least work to maintain

And if we wanted heavy traffic
We'd have had the fucker paved
If you can't manage the traction
Can't seem to concentrate

Baby you never lost track of me
I just don't have time to waste
I know you know where I am
Just won't put up the chase

And this is the worst part
Trying to write something
About the weather
Not me
Not you.
Something about the war
Not me
Something about the way you say
Not me
Something about not you
not for me
Something about something I need
Something about the one thing in life that's free
The fruits of a beautiful family tree

And this is the worst part
Because really
For once I'm writing about myself
This is the first diary entry of the rest of my life
This is a crush.
Not a fling - Not a lover, 
boss, bitch, pimp, slave, 
partner, girlfriend, 
boyfriend, husband or wife.

Chock it up to nostalgia but
After what's been seen
I know what I need
Innocent as it might seem
But not everything is love

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This House

This House
is held up by mainly love
And a few support beams
Keeping hate out is a full time job
And you can't keep worry from
Crossing the threshold.
Knowing there are no expectations
For the amount of doubt 
these kinds of structures can contain.
When reality won't recognize you
or take you back - these walls?
Expand and contract
to accommodate whatever it takes
The ceiling rises
to the occasional suspension of disbelief.
Is a state of mind seceded from the union
and twice removed from your
so called land mass. 
All the way to the other side
of acceptable proof of
fairies, dragons, aliens and
3am on a cloudy Tuesday.
That's where we built THIS house 
and even when our friends come to visit
they notice nothing changed.
Years, minutes or post apocalypse.
This house is made of mostly love.
A few struts. Support beams. Wire.
We keep the walls together with diligence.
It collapses when we do
and all these additions and remodels
are particularly visible with self confidence.
The love here is made
seemingly forcefully but never stolen.
The love here is made hard
so as to reinforce the fact
that it's going to have to protect us
from the elements.
We are
the elements
and we will be warm.

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To The Romans

R.I.P. Espresso Roma

Roma gone she gone done
 not forgotten for song and spoken
No note goes un-noted 
No token un-toked
No disrespect to the lesser evils
we will slow down for no one
no spuniun no grump
No loved one no slump
Sped up caffeinated - berated - erased
No trace - No place - No space
Like a quasar - No shape
From a picture
Forgotten but imagined
A fantasy actualized
In your mind - In your eyes - you lie
Only to prove a point - to show we
The me that you miss
The we that you diss-count
The things you think you can't
Like every love lost
Like every mistake made
Like every statement you'd
Otherwise take back
But alas.. Nothing lasts
Now you take from the trash
What should be the past
But instead ask
Is this ok? Is it cool?
Am I crazy? Am I odd?
Am I old? Am I God!
You are god!
Yes! Roma! Espress! So!
Estoy bien! Muy bueno!
Fucking functional!
Seven habits of
Highly habitual people
How do you know
You are normal?
Normal is introspective
Introspection is reflection
And through this mirror
you look wayyy too cool
to be normal
I need you to be real.
This was real we - used to be real.
Reality sucks - so we forgot
what we thought it was.
We burned the shit down
We paid the pain out.
We got high - forgot low.
Stuck in a bubble..
Fuck culture.
Fuck community.
Fuck got this.
In one of my pockets
 you know me by wires..
Catch me on my live stream....
Or forget you ever knew me...
If I could only.. forget you..

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Too Many Ways

Too many ways
To love.
To have and to hold.
To dream of.
To give.
To accept.
To share.
To gaze.

Too many meanings.
What is love?
Have your pick of the
hundred plus
definitions. Good luck.
Understanding ones and
an others.
Fight for me.
Support me.
Hold me.
Have sex.
Make love.
Fuck... Me....
Live with me.
Play with me.
Write with me.
Paint with me.
Meditate and aum with me.
Walk with me.
On the beach.
In the city.
In the ghetto.
Fend off the monsters.
Eat with me.
Fine dining.
Home cooked.
Drink with me.
On my tab at the bar.
Whiskey from the jar.
Listen to me.
Play guitar.
Play for me.
Serenade me.
Speak to me.
For gods sake.
Speak to me.
Tell me.
How have you loved?
How have you been loved?

I once read that American women
Need ten men for what once one would suffice.
The friend.
The companion.
The handy man.
The mate.
The sex.
The eye candy.
The arm candy.
The sugar daddy.
The purse caddy.
The boy.

I cannot see myself serving all these
And having any for building myself.
And what of the other way?
I have been blessed with beautiful friends!
Would you have me forget them? 
Eclipsed forever in your beautiful embrace?

I believe I love you
in more ways than many.
I have the impulse to help.
To pull you up
bring you to strength
and let you fly.
I must inspire or
I will lose my inspiration.
I love one thing more than you.
The only thing that will always
serve every function I need.
And if you are jealous of my art?
Then run. Now. Or stay.
face that strange fear.
And you will become art.

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Universalinguistic spectacular
from the rhythm of vernacular
to the math I'm spittin back at ya
raised in an alien nation based on caffeine
car exhaust and nicotine
Is it just me or the wine?
Or the frequency I vibe?
Or the loss of words to rhyme?
Or is the english language
just not enough to survive?
We need planetary solutions
more drawing less conclusions
less pollution - let's see..
What's working?
Bombs, police and pesticides
What's not working?
Bombs, police and pesticides...
We have the technology
but not enough power
It takes a certain leaf and bee
to make a pretty flower
before you can't go out to dance
perfect minutes turn to hours
permaculture geekanomics
industrialized bardicism
door to door indoctrination
these are the milliliters
of civilization living out the last
drops of fire waterlogged
Universalinguistic rationale
so when your reality is set
 I'll happily bend it back to factual

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I needed THAT!!
That was my life!
Damn the school that never taught me!
Damn the God I never met!
Damn what I denied!
Like warnings, logic and

""There comes a time in every idiots life
when he must turn to face his inadequacies
there is no spell check in speech
You get old and kids will treat you
like an infant. Wisdom is wasted.
Let's get wasted - act like idiots
turn around and face it...""

Watch out for Johnny Blah
Man he's always
on your ass
waiting to fuck it...
This is bad but
you know what's
when he does
so buddy
you better get
Cause I hear he likes

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We’re Gonna Die

We're gonna die
and that's the last thing on my mind
you'll find the only reason why is yet to come
it's shortly done to succumb to war songs unsung
and reasons predetermined by doubts of talent
went out the window and now we know they
don't fly like we can with burning hot wings
on cold hard time ... no!

We're gonna die
We're gonna die
and that's the last thing on my mind
as soon as I can rewind I'll find the time
to embrace the faces the 
"break glass in case of"
wasted days we made into history blissfully
abysmal call of nature made a great way
to play with vacation style kindness or
sleep deprivation mysteries yeah we
made history but didn't know
thought it was a joke but
because no one wrote it down
we had to listen to it spoken

We're gonna die
some other time so for now
admire kindness binding what we try
to ideas and good timing
don't mind the heavy sighs
in synchronicity with
the rhythmic drum beat
echoing harmonically

without soil
God takes many forms

without death
we would never have been born

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(and again)
(we gain)
 (432 Hz)
Sunshine (&)
(10 dB) 
(I can't stand the sound)
Restricted (done)
Limited (un)
Hate (un-said)
 (you're perfect)
 (one at a time)
(you're perfect)
Diversity (good timing)
(too soon)
(seen it)
(you're perfect)
Blinding (99.9%)
LOVE (sick)
Nails (across the axis)
Stains (theory and practice)
Pipe (hint: it goes down)
Vowel (just a noun)
Cue dreamscape
Fake addiction
Shaped by cool but busted
By normal
(you're still here)
Brave enough to know running
From walking away
From crawling around
Buying yourself
New toys is
 not adulthood
Your inner
 politician will
Stare you down
Proven to be fact by a
Blind priest who says
Moments that shape you are
Never rehearsed
The divine language in 
the babble of the masses
says namaste 
a thousand times
to no one and 
never says goodbye
we are afraid 
of nothing
practice makes 

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Willits 9-11-07

The Problem is worse than you think
but easier to solve some people are so
poor they can't afford a job I'm on
Top when the rich get robbed quicker
Thick with evidence of which victim
was faking it for the attention and
spent the next sentence stuttering
for excuses mis-used as usual
you know they would have come in
handy elsewhere like church but
even Jesus wouldn't care..

My Fair lady
Dare I say the
Light of day
scared me awake
when I would have slept
through noon with you
Sometimes the light of
the moon can screw
with your self perception
I'm Sotally Tober
are no use this
cruise ship
morning milk
delivery from sin is
a rude crude oil
awakening when
I've been up all night
Out of sight
out of mind but
when the blinding lights hit
our eyes we're reminded
that it's not the last time
and certainly not the first
I don't remember ever seeing
the sun rise as a curse.

Before and after shots of
weight gain clinics in L.A.
are all the rage because
the world's a stage
Your mind is a cage
or a cave but either way
be brave, play along
behave because someday...

.. I waited
the sky once bright had faded
and you still hadn't come
We had some
time to dabble with
but not this much
wondered if I ever
even had a touch to lose
Screwed a hole in the wall
to stick a dick fixture
next to the picture
of a virgin mother
just to discover
what she needed
was a lover 
not a
prophet causing
profit causing
problems for the
Or is that sacrilege?
Or privilege...
You burn more wood
to produce heat you don't need
charge fee for a party
to celebrate being free
Contribute a couple kinds of
green house gases pass
the joint to me please
Just "Let it be, let it be"
but try to keep some sanity
Welcome to the reality show
volunteer co-op stop and
shop until you get cut off 
for neglecting the membership fee

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Woke Down

Oh say

can you seee
can you smell
can you feeeeeel
these coffee bean
believable reality
movie score
surplus spores
dormant in the
indie scene
denoted to
a don't
tell and

Whiskey causes
more problems for
me when my
feet don't sink
in the goddamn
The pressure's on!
Wake up and smell
the accident cache
build up swift
kick to the
six senses
when this
is considered
an art...

""I'm going to drink 5 cups of coffee
and shred an electric guitar for 4 hours
with no amp -- Anti gravity pick up""

Bite your license hard
and ticket your self fucker
or someone else will first
and what's worse? The God
damn machinery won't
work and we don't
have the guts to
curse your quirks
so let's face it
I never thought
twice this is
not my second
how many by now?
I forgot...

""I'm trying to write in
complete sentences;
This is what I always.
Did anyone say.
Have you ever?
Jaw dropping - eye
popping - ass. Cold.
I'll be waiting.""

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World’s Eye View

I've you
I have you
Globalist worlds eye view
I've you
I have you

Tear off a little to chew
I'm not here to blame you
Open your consciousness
To somethin a little new

thumbing through
numb pages
Jaded in ironic iconoclast backstabbers
Flapping wing
metaphysicist typical shit
Split the log of product
hunted down under
Birds left in cages
Cut the wageslaves
Enslave Asia and give the rich a
Moonlight schism pistons pumping the irony
Humping metaphorically
Hard core
floral and cold shoulder
Static crumble bumbershoot
screw with
Three and a half dead fish
in the sky from my
Bad reputation shaken but not in shock
Is this the original
Sears poncho sales pitch?
I shouldn't have to think so hard out loud
Asking can you even hear me?
This is the age the wage slaves were waiting for!
Notably predicted in the least popular scifi

Do what you want to
But watch the fuck out
I thought aliens would
Have picked me up by now

Some sort of jihadi
food provision free for all
Explosive decompression
Fair maiden In her ivory tower
  liberty died and we killed her
Too many weird apples redefined as bad 
and nothing is ruined but they 
wasted another bunch.

Just give me it all
On the first take
For fucks sake

Got a hot album bout
To break just yesterday...

Bon voyage shangri la Valhalla
Laundry Dali llama long legs
And all Allah pictures on sale
5 ameros on oil credit card membership micro chips and
Thong dipped in milk chocolate

Kali yuga cougar goo balls and all in all 
in all in all is are we are relapse re hatch 
hashishin sheet rock and re attached teeth
 are back in style so buy stock now 
while supplies last.

The moment when your inner child
stared back at you and said... What?


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You Trippin Man

You trippin man!
Made off with the medicine
Then again as if living like I never
Saw now life like life like life like
Whatever the hell you think you
Got away with simmer summer
Something smelling spelling
Compelling ordinary rarities
And old compulsion fulcrum
Lifted to leverage out paid parlay
Collate and shoeshine coal mine
Indefinite depth saying yes I slept
But got no rest with you
Exchange breath to go blue
No truth know trust
Jealousy under discussed
Not environmentally or friendly
But so green
It's like grass but less free
Like fast without speed
Or a fine ass you can't see.
You trippin
Like passable fractals in
Alex Greyscale vision
Missionary wishing the
Staggering static
Didn't glow so hard
So far as third eyes can swim
In a skynet sea climb DNA
Jacobs latter day shantisena
Broken future assuming 
the past was any better but strip it to
Simple altruism tastes like rum.
You trippin man..
You aren't a goddamn pirate
Sailing a relationship 
on sound waves 
paving a trail over the frozen ocean. 
Cold heart and the noble notion 
that cool cats get more than 
nine lives but heroes die young 
and undone so some know 
they must dust off and go rock 
stack steady slow so
When meditation becomes habit
Follow the white rabbit 
slapstick mavericks
wizards read the fucking manual...
Magicians plagiarize.

We are beginning the nth revolution
totally original bullshit showmanship
walking a mile in moccasins
with triple kicked shins
within a thin line like
call me when you break a leg 
good luck is bad luck when the 
world's a stage maybe
I can write wrong enough
times to realign and redefine
it my way so the show must go on
backwards at replay.

You trippin man...

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A modest answer to a
collective cancer 
is prancing happily along
its own yellow brick road like
a depeche mode 
programming code - unspoken.
Broken windshields and
feel good stores ignored
by the citizens of FUCK YOU.
Queued up tape decks
collected by the dark side
of the rainbow black rain
and acid snow in suburbia
explains the leisure suit
brass bands hand in hand
panning back and forth.
Sources seem to declare
a spare change in the air
dares a precarious
number front of nothing...
What is money?
Well, sell me an answer
and I'll survive by the 
remnants left behind
by debris seeking missiles
piles up new alibis like..
why not?
Where were you?
I forgot.
Bought pot the other day
Man I gotta say
a little goes a long way
depending on the 
method you take.
Cash and Hash both leave
ash at the end 
but which left us with friends
when it was all spent?
Relieved pent up
aggression without leaving
in regret? Except when
left with this nonsense
conniption fit of chicken
scratches that fashions a
passion for national issues
I miss truth.
In fact I never met it.
Set in stone
but lost in a bet 
to be left a loan
we can never pay back
stacking pawn shops to
check mate make a move
and question fate
celebrate false witness
as you lose the debate
on what statements can
place you in prison these days..
THIS is my free speech zone
and IT goes where I go..
Unless I'm alone in the 
puritan homeland security
and can't tell the pigs
 what I really believe
or what I disagree with.
Split the log of product
hunting for flightless birds
when they're all in cages.
Cut the slave wage
enslave patients and
give the rich a raise!
Man, they're doing a 
great job aren't they?
Can't complain but hey
I'm still not getting paid
enough to SAVE money - 
but why do I need to spend it?!
Everything ELSE grows on trees!
See its your asses asphalts fault
I'm not eating for free...
And don't tell the pigs
what I really believe until...
I can say it on every
 clear channel station at 7am
and not get arrested
for my confession
of a consensus concealed 
by patriotic terrorism and
aggression? How is your
comprehension of the term:
“Democratic intervention”
Did I mention a suspension
of smiles shows signs of
bloodshed on the horizon?
No doctor.. No nAusea!??
I'd salute a street guru sooner
than this president.
Talking about freedom and
wiretaps in the same sentence
Coaching a trillion dollar 
football game planned 
for years and pre paid
to train the other team before playoffs.
Bought enemies in a military
spending spree and allow ME
to go into debt
if I want to change these
hideous policies.
Made another fortune off
a bomb threat today.
Attacked the facts
with weapons of mass distraction
because when the shit hits the fan
you will be nowhere
near a fallout shelter.
Ever felt your paranoia
was perfectly justified?
They.. expired the ammunition
finishing an action movie.
Sued the censors for defending
childrens soft wills and high
Casually painted on gravestones
and subway stations
realizations of the
unseen magick vibrations
all around you everyday
gracious suspense of
dignity giddy as a school girl
gone down drains explains
the pros and cons of yesterday
craves a better tomorrow
sorry I borrowed another day
I'll pay you back 
when I can't procrastinate
When I can handle the weight
of another day job
I robbed opportunity so
she don't knock no more
now she scores crack rock from
uncle sam and his corporate whores
my core values include:
Who the hell are you?
What do you do?
And don't get sued!
And don't draw conclusions.
But if you ARE terrified?
My paranoia is 
PERFECTLY justified
conspiracy theory
or soon to be declassified?
Suffice to say American
pride is at an all time high
despite being spied on
conned out of rights
blamed for fire fights
and kind of my idea 
for a good time
to change my identity
and move back to Pangea...

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